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Thursday, March 08, 2012

Her [67/365]

Finally! It's Women's day.
That time of the year when women are fooled into believing that they are the pillars of society.
And ofcourse, the pillars of society need to shop, dine and be pampered. Hence the discounts.

But putting aside the cynic in me, I think women have really done well in the past year or so. I've seen women climbing up the corporate ladder, in politics and everywhere in between.

So it came as no surprise when I read about the youngest female Billionaire in Forbes' annual list of Billionaires.
A typical American story of how one tenacious entrepreneur became a multi-billionaire in just a decade. The American Dream. But this wasn't just another company starting from a garage.

Sara Blakely, a fax machine saleswoman, invested her life savings of $5000 (approx Rs3,00,000) into creating a clothing line that had no seams and made its wearer more shapely. Spanx, the brand is today worth $1billion and growing, is to slimming undergarments what Kleenax is to tissues. 
Sara never spent a penny on advertisements, created and trademarked the company logo herself to save on the fees, marketed and took calls from customers from her home in Florida to cut costs. She's never borrowed any money and owns 100% of the company.
I was inspired just reading about her. (The Forbes article here)

But ofcourse this is something you won't find in an Indian newspaper.
Happy Women's day!

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