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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Murder Who Wrote [143/365]

Crime forensics in India is nascent.
I could be killed for this statement. As much as the truth hurts, a dozen or so homicides in the past couple of years have shown how proving who and how crime has been committed can be like the blind men feeling an elephant.

Four years after her murder, Aarushi and Hemanth is yet to get any semblance of justice. Her parents on the other hand are probably regretting the fact that they demanded justice in the first place. Held guilty by popular perception, the parents are now hoping they never stood up against a sloppy investigation in the first place.

Today, yet another murder. A software professional working in a technology company in Bangalore was found dead. (The gruesome story here)
What hurts more is not why the young man killed himself, but how the cops are quick to assassinate the character of the victim. There is a shocking lack of apathy and respect that victims and their families get in unnatural deaths. I found the conclusions that the police drew about the victim a few days after the death particularly distasteful. But hey, what the heck. Sreeraj is not going to come back to fight for the right to be treated with dignity anymore, so we'll let this pass.

We have animal activists and even environmentalists.
We are a race who are quick to judge and I may be old school, but I believe victims deserve respect, even when they are long gone.

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