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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Ga Ga Gagan [213/365]

Source: ForbesIndia
And India got her first medal.

Gagan Narang, 29 and India's sweetheart in a hurry, won a bronze in the men's 10 meter air rifle.
But for optimists who think this would be the start of deluge of Oly medals, our nation's medal rank will disappoint. We are already 25th in the list.

India's former sweetheart, Abhinav Bindra didnt make it. Armchair sportstars will have a field day ridiculing Abhinav but considering how close he came (Abhinav lost by a mere 4 points) I think he will make us proud again. Nonetheless, I think this is great news. From great falls, you rise again.

In other news, our hockey team went down fighting. Which is a welcome relief from the poor shows they have been putting in the past couple of Games.
Hesh and Bopanna are still in the reckoning but considering how unsportsmanlike the duo have been over the selection process, I doubt if they will get a medal. Ditto with Lee or Sania. Am I a raging pessimist? No. Sportspersons who bicker like petty kinder-garden kids over who they will play with cannot possibly have any character within themselves.
While we wait for a couple of more medals, considering the Law of Averages, I can confidently say that Indian sports have entered a bright new era where performance does matter.

Until the next medal, India will continue to fawn over it's newest sharp shooter.

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