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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Litany of Shame [81/365]

In Christian hymns, there is a section in every hymn where a chorus is repeated.
The headlines today was a chorus of public shame.

Barely two months after a couple of BJP politicians were caught indulging in some forbidden pleasures, it looks like some in its party didn't get the memo to stop titillating themselves while in session. Legislators in the Gujarati Assembly were caught ogling at some eye candy on their iPads. (Read the enchanting story here)
No lessons learned there, obviously.

The CAG has estimated that the national exchequer lost about 10.7 lakh crore by not following standard and fair procedures while auctioning coal blocks between 2004 and 2009. So this officially becomes the largest scandal in Independent India. That's right, kids. 2G is no ji. (Path breaking news here)
No lessons learned there, either.

The government flip flops on gay rights. Again.
Cant teach them a lesson.

The chief minister of the southern Indian state of Karnataka delivers a populist budget.
Cigarettes and liquor prices have gone up. Diesel has become cheaper. Sports got the kick in the butt. And the city will become world class in one year (*yawn). Taxes have gone up on cabs and taxis and property is now cheaper. In short, DVS has waved his magic wand and spread his largesse to every one he could think of. With an eye on the elections, this is just what the people expected their elected representative would do.
And oh yes, our ministers get new iPads too. So this means they can now itouch their iporn too.


Saturday, February 25, 2012

Gay Abandon! [55/365]

LGBT: A acronym that evokes curious questions and raised eyebrows.
Lesbians, Gay, Bisexuals and Transgender. A term that can earn you both amused looks and strong feelings.

In a reminder of how out of touch the government is with its citizenry, the government criminalized homosexuality. (The foot in mouth moment here)
While the 'normal' among us would take refuge in the argument that homosexuality and the middle genders are an aberration of nature (aka freaks of nature), I wonder if we have ever wanted to walk a mile in their shoes before passing frivolous statements.

Today, as I sat in the first of our LGBTF (LGBT and Friends) committee meeting, with about 39 other colleagues, we shared the challenges that the community faced. Now, I myself am not part of the community but I can visualize how difficult living and working can be when most companies (and colleagues) still judge you based on your sexuality. \
In a world where we rush to ban and isolate a behavior or inclination that is different from what we are used to, our gays, lesbians and transgenders live a mime. We often confuse unnatural sex with incest.
We need to change our perceptions. While we cannot life, shift and apply best practices from the West, we can certainly be more humane and sensitive to the community.

Thankfully, the light is now visible at the end of the tunnel. With a landmark Indian judgement that decriminalized homosexuality in 2009, many companies have started self-help groups that actively encourage individuals within the LGBT community to be more comfortable in their skin.

But the challenge has only begun. While right-wing fundamentalists and conservative religious groups fight the court to repel the judgement, I can only see huge wins by integrating a community that is as incredibly talented and diverse as the LGBT into the mainstream.

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