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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sex: Male / Fail [207/365]

Source: The Internet
Myth: We learn from our mistakes.
Truth: We don't.

A couple of weeks ago, when Pinky was the headline of every news channel worth their media-van, I thought to myself- Why were the LGBT community in this country silent?

Pinky could be a male. Heck, she could even be a transvestite, but a national hero like this didn't deserve to be paraded through hospitals in full glorious view of the news-hungry media. Pinky was alleged to have raped her live-in partner. Okay. Why weren't standard procedures of validating the crime taken? Why wasn't the 'victim' checked for signs of rape? Or did we suddenly have an attack of conscience?

Amidst the anarchy, video clips showing a stark naked Pinky being examined sprouted on the internet. Exactly when did we sign up to be Pinky's examination room attendants? And why hasn't Pinky filed a libel suit against all those responsible for the video and the defamation?
Nonetheless, she was exonerated and let off on bail. We learn that Pinky's ex framed her in an elaborate trap to make sure her reputation is tarnished so that they can steal land that belonged to Pinky.
While the perpetrators may not have visioned Pinky coming out as soon as she did and with the deluge of support that she received, the way we have treated a world class athlete is something we must be ashamed of.

As a nation, we are not really a 'female-friendly' society. Pinky was lucky to have reached where she did in her sport because of sheer perseverance and steely nerves. While progressive nations in the West are gender neutral in the way they treat their national heroes, here we fete them until they represent us and the moment the arc-lights are switched off, they get the boot. After all, a pat on the back is just a few inches higher from a kick in the butt.

When western societies are beginning to display their cultural and social diversities, a naturally diverse society like India is eating it's own children. 
In India, if you're not a male, you're a fail.

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