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Thursday, February 23, 2012

The importance of being Ernest [53/365]

It is that time of the decade.
While we have been whining about our unfortunate choice of leadership, we can look for some consolation towards the West. Much of the western world is going through the painful rituals of elections too.

It could be the eternal fight between the democrats and republics in the US or the Congress and the rest of the shebang in India, politicians have an uncanny love towards power.

In a conversation with a dear colleague of mine, he was recounting his recent visit to the beautiful nation of Dubai.
He gushed about the cleanliness and the way the crime and disorderliness was punished and the way the law was upheld. I can't agree more. Having grown up in the Middle East, I can testify that the Arabs do know a thing or two about ruling with an iron fist. While it is easy to see how countries that were nothing but vast stretches of desert could be transformed into futuristic cities, the cities mask the millions of expats who work and live in almost prehistoric conditions.
Perhaps the lure of money when converted is too big to ignore.

But will a similar autocratic rule help India?
We surely have the laws that can we have a government that can starting walking the talk?
The show has begun. Over the next many months, as Indians prepare to be lured with gifts of televisions, food and money to vote, and when politicians put on their happy masks, it is clear that we are in the crossroads again.

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