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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

B for BT.. B for Brinjal.. B for Back Off !!

Just what is all the fuss with BT and Brinjal all about?
I don't even eat brinjal (not unless I start adding brinjal into my chicken curries!!)
I mean, this is all that is wrong with us. 
Sometime ago, I have heard this story about 'Kerala Crabs' and how we wouldn't need a lid to cover it. It so happens that the crabs won't be able to climb over the cage, since every time a crab tries to scale the cage, another crab tries to pull it down. Argh!!

With every advance of technology, we (particularly of the Subcontinent) appear to be taking a step backwards. I have known people fighting and then clawing their ways into Bio Technology engineering courses. Assuming that all of them are graduating and would be pursuing a career in BT (unless ofcourse earning a degree was a sureshot way of getting married wealthy), what are they going to research and develop if all that we are going to do is ban all their work.
Its BT Brinjal today, tomorrow would be the BT Rice and BT 'other food'. Are we missing the big picture here?
If BT is such a dangerous technology, why even venture into such research? 
Don't we have to stop, step aside and understand why people are so agitated?
If BT is filled with the risk of mutant genes, is there no way to ensure that the mutant genes are repressed and made dormant or ineffective? 
If BT can offset the financial and climatic woes of our farmers, and when our society still depends on good monsoon for a great year, why are we so against the idea of improving ourselves?
I don't know the hidden agendas that all the protesters have but we as a society are much more hypocritical and selfish than most other societies in today's world. We allow dumping and let our cities get polluted and don't do anything about it, but are quick to join the herd (mentality) when the fight seems glamorous.

So frustrating to see so many reams of precious news reams being wasted on such a open and shut situation.

Can the real experts please stand up?

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