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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Wannabe Superhero [66/365]

In the 15 years that I have been in India, I've been hearing countless politicians promising to transform Bangalore into a Singapore and India into the next biggest superpower.

While it is true that our politicians have been selling us dreams that they neither have the passion to create nor the inclination to achieve, do we really have it in ourselves to handle the mantle of being a superpower?
Objectively, No.
And the bad news is, we'll never be one either.

The reasons are many. Our country is being ruled by unimaginative individuals with very limited intellect, suspect motives and a dubious character. They are neither capable of handling an economy going through its growing pains, nor allies that pull strings. Politicians have lost the will to govern purely because of the massive economics of maintaining coalition partners with vested interests.

India can never be a superpower since it lacks nearly everything a nation should be as one. Individually, we will always have a Narayan Murthy, a Mittal and a Tata, but collectively we will always be mediocre and a has been.
Our biggest exports have been and will be Bollywood and curry and endless supply of cheap jokes. Nine out of ten westerners that I've spoken to have seen Slumdog Millionaire and tasted (and loved) the chicken tikka masala. They also think elephants still roam the roads here and won't believe me that we have elevators and think we all walk around in a turban with a sword by our side. Technology and manufacturing, unlike China, is clearly not one of the things we will be known for a very long time.

Failure of successive government since Independence to combat and curb the yawning gap between the rich and the poor have resulted in growing Maoists, Naxalites and extremists. The deadly concoction of religion and politics have created a state of animated suspense. Lacking a solid welfare, public healthcare or education system, much of India will still thrive on the crumbs that fall from the tables of the wealthier middle class.

Anarchy, crime and insecurity will become the order of an ordinary day. Politicians like Mamata Banerjee are the signs of a breed of politicians that will continue to prevail upon the larger good, if any, of any decisions that are vital and critical to India.

But all is well if a superpower is what we not looking to be. If all that we really want to be that mediocre (aka average) country which is content about the wonderful way the world knows us because of our cultural exports, then we are bang on the money.

Jai Hind!

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

what ails us..

The 2011 Fight against Corruption has split the nation down at the middle.

No, its not the cause that has split the people.
We have on one side, the a vast segment of people who know what the fight is about. Because they have been victims of such corruption. People who've had enough and want no more. Like sheep without a Shepard, they have now been united by a crusader who won't stop nor tire unless justice prevail.
And then on the other hand, a segment of people who believe this is one of those movements that will fizzle out. This segment is made up of people who are prejudiced against a particular religion and those who suspect the motivation of such a movement. People who will rather sit back and watch how things will unfold. The Couch potatoes.
The bad news is the latter segment of people are a majority. The Good news is they are rapidly shrinking.

A dear relative of mine recently remarked that she won't support Anna because he is a 'Muslim' ! Well, arguments against religious discrimination and prejudice aside little did she realize that he was a Hindu but we wouldn't have enjoyed our freedom if we thought the same about Gandhi, would we?
She also suspected why there is a sudden retaliation against a disease that has existed for several decades. Elementary, my dear Watson! There is only so much that a person can endure.
After decades of rampant corruption that has permeated even to the level of janitors and pourakarmikas (trash collectors), where we need to bribe them if we need our garbage cleared, we the common people have had enough.

Take the pledge

I cannot pay you that bribe, Sir/Madam
I cannot give you that incentive in lieu for sexual favors, Maam/Sir
I won't sleep with you for a promotion or a hike.
I cannot promote you just because you slept with me.
I don't want to jump the red light even when I know there isn't anyone looking.
I won't give you 'coffee money' for doing your job.
I can't give you 'luncha' for doing your job.
I won't patronize you because I want to be in your 'good books'

The day when we take our pledge and mean it, that when we will truly be free.
I haven't been to the 'Fight for the Lokpal' march. No, not yet. But its given me the courage and the conviction that 'Yes, we can'.
Change, we need.
We may not get our freedom in a year. No, but its inevitable. The writing is on the wall, Mr PM. You are out of here.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Born naked. Living Horny

Making her Parents mighty proud!
Two Weeks ago, a nondescript model googled herself (like many other self obsessed nincompoops do) only to find that she is not what she thought she was- Famous.

That's when in a bolt of creative (or absolutely mundane) thought inspired her to announce to India and the world about her plans to strip for the Indian Cricket team if they win the World Cup.

Well, Poonam Pandey, Bravo! Well done. How inspiring! How original! How so Indian!

Well, the Indian team may have had women who would've been a guzillion times hotter, smarter strip and do other favors for them (in private) a thousand times already.

So they could have clearly not fallen for this. But a billion other men in India and some thousands around the world would have salivated at the tantalizing thought! They may have already made plans to watch it in YouTube and Torrents!

However, as fate would have it India did win the World Cup. Not for the country but for Sachin. But nonetheless, we won. Fair and square.

'Where the hell is Poonam Pandey?' The day after, FB was ablaze. All those elaborate plans to watch the smuggled clips of a naked lady gone down the drain. If there ever was a dampener to all the excitement, her no show was it.

You got your 15 minutes or more, of fame. But few pivotal questions, Ms Pandey.

How did you imagine our Cricket team needed a certain B grade Calender girl like you to strip to perform?
If Cricket was your passion, why didn't you strip in the last World Cups?
And finally, any reason why you chose Cricket and not Tennis? Where incidentally, Leander and Mahesh did win their Doubles and is placed World number 1. Well, they played for India and not for themselves or each other.

In a country where Cricket and Bollywood unite people in a way where religion and a million plus gods couldn't, you, Ms Pandey said the right thing. Or like the locals would say; "Ekdum first class choice"

But little did you know we would win and you'd have to make lame ass excuses to why you wouldn't want to strip. Smart move.

Well, it is easy to bet against a team when the team has been performing badly for decades. She never knew India would win, after all they hadn't won in decades. PP didn't expect India to win either.

We won! And in the first few hours after we won, none of us thought of you. None of us even remembered you. It was our victory and our moment in glory. We partied, we danced and we savored our win.
While you went into hiding and wished you could've turned back time.
But you've earned a nation's contempt and a million dollars worth of PR for free.

2 weeks on, you are still giving us reasons why you said you'll strip and (indirectly) how it is your birth right. So you were born nude. So you've made the men (with the exception of a few) of an entire nation drool and the women cringe in pity at your PR stunt. But you'll forever go down in history as the first (probably not the last) bimbo who promised to strip and never showed up.

Nudity is not vulgarity, says Ms PeePee.
Thats only if you're shedding it for your husband/boyfriend or in your case, a Producer/Director.

Bring It On.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Will Beg for Wealth

A common sight at any traffic light stop worth its salt, as soon as the lights turn red you'll find an army of beggars, slick salesmen selling the latest fad toy and a couple of eunuchs.

Squeezing between cars, dodging the 2 and 3 wheelers that grind to a halt, they knock on tinted glasses peering inside, tug at your trousers and tap on your hands.
All begging you for your attention and a few coins.

What bothers me is how we treat these people.
Of the 14 years that I have been in India, I have seen many many beggars. The number of beggars seem to  have exploded in the recent weeks! Victims of Inflation? I don't think so.
Because they hardly look like the kind of people who would have too much to worry about. Their work hours are highly flexible, they can call in sick and if they do then they get more money, they take their comfort breaks whenever they please and they don't have to bother about any promotions. They get to travel and if they look miserable and horrible, then thats a bonus.

They don't need to worry about unwanted pregnancies because having a miserable looking child tightly hugged in their arms is an added advantage. I wonder where most of them get the feeding bottle that has what appears to be half filled (always) with milk.

Skills? They need to have very minimal verbal skills but excellent mind reading capabilities.
Because I've noticed that in the first 5 seconds that they look at you, they will figure out if you are the gullible type who will fall for their 'misery' and fish for a coin out of your pocket or if you are the hard hearted creature that is not worth their pitch.
I am the second type. Although I am not hard hearted, I shake my heart in the general direction of the individual and they take the cue. Some are persistent and I've noticed that this happens only if there is a female member present with me. Excellent psychological profiling, I must admit.

However, I do notice them. As a habit, I enjoy reading the thoughts of absolute strangers and these beggars, many of who are regulars at the traffic stop at Brigade road seem emancipated yet if you look at them while they are having their lunch or between work (which is when the lights are green) then you'll not see a tinge of sadness.
For many of us, who can have their lunch only at times that are scheduled by our Managers, these people seem to be having it easy. They don't need to wait for the end of the month for payday. If you ask me, I'd say many of these people are richer than any of us. With so much income coming in and almost zero expences, heck, you need to tax these people !

Some of them carry a crutch and feign a limp. What a scam!

Many of them are victims of circumstance. People who shouldn't be there in the first place. People who just want a lot of your money in their pockets.
But who among us isn't a victim of fate and circumstance?
We all have disabilities. Some of us have problems being committed to their partners and spouses, some of us have problems excelling at work, some of us have problems emoting to our loved ones and then there are some of us who will struggle all our lives to achieve the Great Indian Dream.

If people who are not poor but find ways to feign poverty to gain sympathy and thereby our money, would you call them beggars or con artists?
With a action of the hand that simulates eating, our beggars have almost perfected art of living off our sympathy. Kids are a commodity. Handicapped? Excellent. Couple that with the rags, the dried streaks of tears and the malnourished kids that are tied so tightly to the lady, that if not hunger, suffocation will surely kill 'it'. What is happening of that child when he/she grows up? Ordinary people fortunate to afford good health care are reeling with the effects of pollution, global warming, inflation and corruption. What about these kids, who are also our future citizens?
We are slowly but surely chewing our own tail.

When there is so much charity going around and with so many more people giving, why are there so many beggars in the streets of India?
I have seen ordinary people living in squalid slums and dilapidated houses, with little or no money (saved or earned) but with integrity and self respect that disallows them from begging.
With a burning desire to earn a respectable living, they strive to get ahead in life. And sometimes, more often than not their descendants live a better life.

Our inclination for handouts and free stuff, our aversion to anything that resembles hard work and the lack of vocational training that is competitive enables beggars to breed, both in literally and otherwise.

Very few nations are free from beggars but when a foreigner talks and reminisces about India, the beggars are surely going to be one of the sore sights. Of course gathering all of them and 'disposing' them off away from our sight is also not the thing to do. But we need to radically change the way we think and act.
Discourage begging. Encourage entrepreneurship. Provide free health care (Put all our Tax Rupees to better use). Ofcourse we can never wipe off poverty from India, but we can certainly make our Race a lot less notorious.

Next Week, I take on the Eunuchs of Bangalore! Yay!

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