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Friday, August 31, 2012

Ghosts of rapes past [244/365]

Our founding fathers wanted India to be a secular republic that would love its minorities as much as it loves its Hindu majority. While no one will deny that the partition was a wrong start, the delicate truce between the Hindus and the Muslims have stood strong. Historically though, we haven't done too well on the communal harmony scale.

Two decades ago, Bombay witnessed communal carnage which should have never happened. We thought we learned our lessons. Ten years ago, Gujarat witnessed the century's worst community rioting.
Yesterday, many of the ghosts of that memory was laid to rest. With the Special court in Ahmedabad sentencing 32 of the accused, this could set an healthy precedent for future perpetrators.

While the guilty serve their massive sentences, I am alarmed at several things.
One- The extraordinary amount of time it took the Supreme Court to convict. Many of the accused were acquitted because of the really long time it took to investigate
Two- One of the main accused is a former minister and current legislative member of the ruling party in the state. The fact that she is the first woman to be convicted of a crime this heinous is terrible news.
Three- The chief minister of the state washing his hands off the carnage. He simply refuses to apologize.

While the nation watched much of the carnage live and in stereoscope, I wonder how Modi could absolve himself of the worst human rights violation in modern India.

Is anyone else worried that he could be our next Prime Minister?

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