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Thursday, April 05, 2012

Will the real Saeed please stand up? [95/365]

Oh Shit! 
The FBI recently announced a bounty on the head of Hafiz Saeed, founder of Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT). A $10 million bounty. That's a lot of rupees, you see.

Predictably, the Pakis have already issued their standard issue rebuttal and expressed their indignation at being told that a terrorist is living on their soils. How dare the western infidels think we are harboring terrorists? Funny people, don't you say?!

But the timing of such an announcement is simply perfect. Coming just a few days before the Pakistani Prez visits India, it's arch enemy and bitter sweet neighbor, this was the best way the US could have stepped up the pressure. (Read the non funny story here)
Seeing as how the rivalry between the neighbors have been counter-productive, Pakistan needs the peace with India more than ever before. With an announcement that put a bounty on a guy who India has got within her cross-hairs for a long time, it is a fool's guess what is going to be the topic of heated discussion on Sunday.

Besides the timing, an announcement like this corners Pakistan, who does not seem to have much credibility especially after OBL was found right under the nose hairs of the Pakistani military. The US and Pakistanis have never been great allies and probably never will.
But they need each other more than they would like to admit it.
The Americans need the Pakistanis mainly because of the strategic reach that the country has with radicals.
And the Pakistanis need Uncle Sam to fund its economy. And to buy Chinese nukes.
In the midst of all this, Indians are having a big chuckle.

Of course, now that Saeed is officially one among the most wanted men in the world, it should be easy to catch him, right?
Because here is how things will go-
  • Pakistan will vehemently protest the insinuation that Saeed (or any terrorist scum) is in Pakistani soil. Growling.
  • The Americans will barely let a sigh out.
  • The Indians will say 'Ha, see we told you that the Pakistanis are hiding all the scum in this world'. Feeling vindicated.
  • The Pakistanis will ask for evidence (aka dossiers) that Saeed is in their country.
  • Uncle Sam: "Thought you'll never ask". Here you go.
  • Pakistanis get satellite photos and all kinds of incriminating evidence including the postal zip code of the Mr S.  Damn!
  • By now, you're thinking the Pakistanis will give up? Heck no. Pakistanis: "Not enough evidence". Whimpering.
  • Wikileaks steps in. (And you know how that'll go)
  • Indians will stand cowering and posturing by the side, sniggering. With a smug smile.
  • Tired, the Americans will send in their drones with a 'care package' for Mr S.
End of Story.

Repeat above cycle until Pakistan is clean of all of the scum of the world or until the end of the world, whichever comes early.

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