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Thursday, May 03, 2012

Bad Hair Day [123/365]

The great Indian god just got a new hairstyle.
Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar has come of age and changed his curls to ... well, a disaster.

Sachin's new hairdo looks like a one-night-stand between Uncle Fester and Cousin Itt.
But why all this fuss over so much hair? In the West, we are used to discussing celebrity hair disasters, but are we allowed to go Rakhi Sawant about Sachin's hair? C'mon, this is his hair. And if Gajini could encourage youngsters to sport the hideous hairdos four years ago, I don't see why Sachin's barber cannot try his creativity on the head of the most famous cricketer alive. Where is the fashion police when you need one?

I guess all the brouhaha is simply because we are not used to seeing Sachin the way he is now. After all, the god of cricket always had the same mop of curls since he dropped off the womb. He probably even used the same wiry comb all his life.

But honestly Sachin, this new hairdo looks hideous. While it did shave off a few decades off your young face, you now look like one of those eve-teasers ready to molest the next thing in a sari. Coupled with that clean shaven look and checkered shirts, you look like a 20 year old chamcha.

Maybe, he is hitting back at the junta for the less than euphoric response we showed when he was nominated to the Rajya Sabha. And Sachin, if you think we are going to approve your stint at the RS in return for those curly mops again, then you are mistaken. We'll just Photoshop all your future posters.

On a scale of disasters, Sachin's new hairstyle beats all the wacky prosthetic stunts that Wacko Jacko did in his entire life. And my alter ego would like to ask: 'Who are you, and what have you done with Sachin Tendulkar?'

Or maybe, Sachin just fell asleep at the barber's chair and his barber had a Mentos moment.

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