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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The roads we take [235/365]

As we fight for promotions, live for our children and spouses, do you pause to live a moment for yourself? Its easy to forget our Creator and His purpose for us in this world.
In today's post, I introduce the five roads in the Bible.

Damascus road- Road to salvation. ACTS 9: 1-9

I was born a christian. Loved sunday school since that meant play-time. Went through church as a ritual and did everything that a Christian would do. I was a completely superficial Christian and I never even realized that, until 3 years ago. What followed was a baptism by fire. I had my damascus road experience when I realised that you can sing all the right hymns, read all the wonderful scriptures and do all the right rituals but unless you let Christ take over, you aint got nothing.

Jericho road- Road of compassion. LUKE 10: 30- 37

If you're reading this, then the chances are you are one among the 40% who are fortunate.
You have the education, the money and the resources to make a difference in the life of another person. The challenge is our perception. We think we cannot make much of a difference. The fact is we don't have to change the world. Just one person.

Calvary road- Road to sacrifice. JOHN 19: 17

We all make enormous sacrifices in our lives. A single mother who raises her kids while her husband toils in a foreign land makes an enormous sacrifice. The spouse who sacrifices his/her time so that he/she can spend more time with their spouses. As children we learn to make sacrifices. As adults, we forget it.
I've realized how fulfilling it is when I sacrifice some 'me' time or when I decide to switch off the tv so that I can spend some time with my partner. I won't lie. Sometimes, it seems unreasonable, but when I think about the great time we have together, talking and sharing ideas and views, it is worth the sacrifice.

The Emmaus- Road to fellowship. LUKE 24: 13- 31

There is some truth in 'birds of a feather, flock together'.
Though I am not cut out for socializing, I discovered that I do enjoy fellowship with people of the same emotional and spiritual wavelengths. Almost all of my closest friends are
wonderfully spiritual people. Meeting and bonding with people who will challenge and stimulate your soul is important.

Road to Heaven- Road to holiness. ISAIAH 35: 8-10

And finally, you have the potholed and narrow road to holiness. Your final destination.
I know far too many people (moi included) who think they will have the time to seek mercy and ask for forgiveness before they die. The mistake we all make is that we assume we can do as we please until we get to our death-bed. The reality is that only the really lucky ones will get to a death-bed. The rest of us will either die en-route.

Question for you:
If you were to die tonight, are you sure you will be in Heaven?

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Always with you [11/365]

Learning how to ride a cycle is an integral part of a boy's growing up years much like how learning how to cook or apply make-up is in a girl's life.
I remember how I learned how to ride my BMX when I was a little boy.
My dad would always be behind me. I'd doubt if he's really holding the cycle steady but I was always sure that he was just a few steps behind me to hold me in case I was unsteady. Pompous as it sounds, I never fell off a bike learning. Many years later, despite his busy life, he'd always make sure that he attended every sport I played. A fond memory of how he rushed to the football field when an opponent tripped me, is still fresh.

My earthly father. He was always with me. Though he left me with a vacuum that can never be filled and I may not be able to hear him anymore and I may not be able to see him as much as I want to, but I still know that he is just a few steps behind me.

I'm reminded of Psalm 25:4-10 where the Psalmist describes the infinite love of God: Our heavenly Father. He's never left us. Immune to death but fully knowing the pain and tribulation that we as his children go through, He comforts us when we are unsettled. Heals us when we are ill, and leads us when we go astray.
We confess and He is eager to wipe clean all our transgressions and misadventures.

I quote a bumper sticker that I saw:
'If you feel God is far from you, guess who moved.'

Full of compassion, He wants a closer union with you. Always.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

...and the meek shall inherit the Heaven

They say a picture speaks a thousand words. 

Looking at the picture on the right, how many did it speak to you?

In an age where violence is both condemned and glorified and where there is no dearth of bad news, this picture may not shock a modern reader. Insensitivised, our numbed conscience won't even register a protest. 

Christianity's greatest verses teach it's followers to show the other cheek and to suffer for your faith. The meek shall inherit the Heaven. And the poor shall have riches above.

What I've seen is it is easier to teach a person how he/she should live in a way that would honor the Lord, but would he/she resist the urge to temptation? 
While we consider ourselves blessed when all is fine, when we aren't suffering and when we have the money/resources that give us all the material comforts that define good living, we rarely correct ourselves or introspect when we are stuck.

I know people who have been struggling for many years, stuck in careers that aren't taking them where they need to be, or with people who are pulling them down. While we are quick to shrug off a short patch of 'bad luck' as a passing phase, when the 'phase' gets longer, they give up hope. They resign themselves to the fate. They simply give up.

Having been on both sides of 'luck'; where at one point I hit the lowest point a human being could hit, and then being able to 'settle down', I see how important God is in our lives. 

Our perception of God is fish-eyed.
We come closer to Him, when we want something.
As toddlers, toys. 
As students, before exams and when the results are about to come out.
As young adults, before interviews and for a good partner.
As an employee, for a bonus or before an interview.... 
I could go on.
He is our genie in folded arms.

While I've already mentioned how the rich consider themselves to be blessed just by virtue of their wealth, the faithful rarely consider themselves lucky when they are meek, poverty stricken and persecuted. What I see all round us is how eager and earnest our poor and meek are to climb up the social ladder. To earn many lakhs, to build an incredible house, own a good car, lots of jewelry, clothes... But when it's their time to go, none of them are really meek, are they?

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