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Sunday, December 06, 2015

Never forsaken, Never forgotten | Manna for your soul

What does Mogadishu, Baghdad, Karachi, Damascus, Kathmandu, Kabul and Chennai have in common with Paris and the United States?

In each of these places, people live with the paralyzing fear of being forsaken by their God. Ofcourse we all know how that feels, don't we? Each time we failed, each time we didn't get that job we wanted, everytime a cherished relationship broke, every moment of hurt. We would ask ourselves and God why He abandoned us. 

Many of us don't live in war-torn countries, and conflict-zones. Yet for my readers from Somalia, Iraq and Libya and other places, I pray continually that you find peace in your lives amidst the trauma and the pain. We may not know what you are going through, but our God - your Creator knows exactly what you are going through and He has complete control of your situations and everything that is happening in your lives and He has something huge in your lives.

How do I know He has control of all that happens in our lives? Well, there is plenty of proof that He does and little of that He doesn't have dominion over. In the book of Job, we see satan asking God's permission to test Job. I'll give you a moment to let that sentence sink in.
Our heavenly Father is so almighty that even satan had to ask Him for permission to even test Job. 
Our heavenly Father's word is so powerful that even satan will not disobey Him. 
Our heavenly Father is so delighted when we honor Him that He gushes with righteous pride and tells satan about happy He is with us. 
Our heavenly Father trusts us so much that He knows we won't stray. 
Our heavenly Father loves us so much that He blesses us in everyway that is important to us. If it is wealth, you will be wealthy. If it's family, the love and devotion of family members. If it's career, success. If it's material possessions, then everything you need will be yours. 

Now how do we know He has something epic in your lives? From Genesis to Revelation, we have many many examples of people who led ordinary lives like yours and mine. We have examples of people who heard the Word of God, strayed and then returned to the Shepherd and was completely forgiven and cleansed. Examples of people who chose to be the least of the disciples but became chosen vessels in His hands. 
I've written about the transformation in my life a couple of times before and for people who know me personally know about my journey so I know I have experienced the very powerful way my Lord and Savior Jesus has worked in my life.
Wrapping a long story short, at a time when I was spinning my wheels in my personal and professional life, Jesus caused a former partner in my life to walk out of my life. While it was painful, what she did pushed me closer to God. I did slip and falter, but God always picked me up, dusted me and set me back onto the right path. 
Prayer is my spiritual steroid and I now know that no matter what happens in my life, I'll always have the tools I need to handle it. 
And the truth is - You can have it too! 
You don't need to buy fancy equipment to talk to Him. You are already the best instrument God has created. 
You don't need phony healers and televangelists perform a 'miracle' on you to feel God's presence in you.
Just speak to Him. 

You may not know all the verses or the books of the Bible by rote. But He loves it when you converse with Him. He trusts you to trust Him. 

Satan is real and he will tempt you. The biggest lie he has ever propagated in humanity is the feeling of being forsaken by God. Would you like to know the truth? Read the Bible. Read the book of Job. What Job went through is something most of us will identify with. He had everything, lost everything, everyone. He went through moments of despair and unspeakable grief. He could have cursed God but he didn't. Just like us.
If there is a lesson we need to learn, this is it  - God has said 'Never will I forsake you, never will I leave you' Hebrews 13:5.

God ain't leaving you. Not now. Not ever. 

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