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Monday, December 10, 2012

Creative Visualization: Octava parte [345/365]

In the last of its series for this year, I take you through the creme-d-la-creme of TV commercials that are on TV this holiday season.
First on my list is the new advt for Idea mobiles; Honey Bunny!
What the f*ck were they trying to do with this jingle? And where do they get these ideas (No pun intended)?

Being the busy person that I am, I get to hear about the advt from Neetha. Apparently for some strange mind-altering reason, she believes this advt is the 'best, most cutest' advt EVER! She even calls me honey bunny now! Hearing the jingle makes me want to beat the crap out of the guy who dreamt of this concept.

And what's with surrogate advts? Nearly anyone with an IQ of 20 and above know that Bacardi, Kingfisher, and Seagrams are liquor brands. So why would they want to pretend to sell music and mineral water? Everytime I see the Bacardi 'Beach Vacation' advt, I make a mental note to report it to the Broadcasting Content Complaint Council.

Staying on the topic of inane advts, I find most car and two-wheeler ads very annoying. The handsome dude and his 'supermodel' girlfriend on a scooter on a road that looks like it was made of velvet with no traffic?! Talking about creative licenses.
So Renault, what kind of name is 'Duster'? Why would you give a chunky looking SUV such a name?

Okay.. I'm feeling much better after ranting.
The idiot box did give me some cause for hope too. I especially loved the first advt for 'Cafe Coffee Day- Sit down...'. Watching the ad, you'd instantly realize who the ad is for. That's called Audience Analysis.
Some of the advts that I admit I enjoy is the VAIO Accent series and the Intel Ultrabook advts. Especially the series where having the Ultrabook makes everything else old-fashioned.

So as we end another crazy year, I'm hoping we get to see creative advts like Flipkart and CCD edge out crass advts like Idea's.
Happy New Year!

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