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Saturday, December 01, 2012

AlrYeddy?! [336/365]

Finally, after many, many months of posturing and empty threats, he did it.
He quit his party of 40 years to launch his own party and BJP did really loose one of its brightest petal.

The real victim here is the middle class.
The poor will get free biriyani and crores worth of goodies soon and the rich will be pampered silly for their votes. It is the non-voting middle class who will bite the dust. We are too indignant to accept biriyani coupons from politicians and too insignificant to be pampered silly for the ink in our finger.

Yeddy gave us so much. A couple of years ago, when he came to power in a quirk of fate, the press went ga ga over how he was 'Mr Clean'.

Yeddy wanted his last bite to be a sting but it lacked any of the pizazz of a matured statesman. His now former party might have lost a petal but better to get to the top without a petal than never get there at all.
Yet, in that brief moment, India's only major opposition party identified itself with the Congress. It was a tearful and bitter farewell to someone who got them their first recognition down south.

He probably was the cleanest guy when he got the highest seat, but the sight of so much wealth and tempting thought that he could actually get away with it might have unseated the demon in him. What followed was a sordid tale of nepotism, unbridled greed and insatiable hunger for power coupled with a dangerous addiction to superstition. The story of his downfall is as Macbethian as you can get.

It is strange to see a grown man cry in public. Awkward even. Men as a species do not make very good teary-eyed sight, but when Yeddy cried, he ripped my heart apart. I cursed myself for seeing something so concocted and conceited at the same time.

The BJP can finally breathe easy. After shedding some of the weight that has been holding the party down for the better part of the last decade, it can finally hope to see the insides of the PMO next year.

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