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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Getting the boot [346/365]

We should have seen this coming..
Over the past couple of years and under the tutelage of a very corrupt and distracted government, Indian Olympic Association (IOA) was banned by its global authority- International Olympic Committee (IOC).
Reason: IOA conducted elections in an unfair manner that was against IOC's rules and regulations.

With our penchant to hire Ministerial rejects and Tihar alumni, I admit I wasn't one bit surprised!
But just as we were starting to put up an incredible show at international sporting tracks, fields and courts, it looks like we've taken three steps behind. IOC's impatience with IOA and this ban serves to show how ingrained nepotism and corruption is in the subcontinent.
This ban effectively means India will not receive funding or support and Indian officials and sportspersons will not be able to represent India in the Games. While this could spell disaster to our preparation for Rio 2014, I definitely think we could use this break to fix our home.

The ignominy of accepting a medal under the flag of the respective international federation will mean that our athletes will not be eligible for the state largesse and the media adulation their Olympic peers get and would expect.
Naturally, this has upset those at the top of their game too.
While they have been vocal against the ban (and the government), most of them agree that this is the perhaps the best time to shake all the dead leaves off and start afresh. We need better administrators at the top, doing the right thing even when it does not matter. We need athletes who will never cheat nor take shortcuts. The work is cut out, our time begins now.

Incidentally, the Manmohan Singh government has been quietly reticent about all the brouhaha after having dodged the FDI bullet.

While our Olympians should really not bother themselves with this ban, and with the Olympics still a few years away, let's hope the IOA weathers this storm in the most honest way possible.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Who's that girl? [209/365]

Today, as India proudly paraded 83 of her finest athletes, a lady in red stole the limelight.

What followed was anarchy.
The Indian Olympic chief was livid. The hosts fumbled. The athletes looked clueless and uninterested. For the first time, they were there for the medals and nothing else.
'Who's that girl?' We asked.
Pat came the answer, she was one of us.

In our own inimitable style, we wanted to know who gave her the authority to steal our moment. Her family fled their home as news-hungry journos thronged her home in Bangalore. Neighbors and just about anyone who knew her name lamented at how 'she became like this'. The allegations are earth-moving- 'She has embarrassed us in front of the world (sic)...'. Well, Mr Raja, rest assured that we have already done might well in the 'embarrassing ourselves' department since the past couple of years. Must I remind you of the mess called CWG?

But I ask. Why this fuss?
I mean, she did manage to add style and pizazz to the contingent. She looked smart and very cosmo! Ofcourse, she has been labelled 'over-excited' by a trigger happy media, but what the heck. She might even get a million dollar book deal in the next year and we'll pick another scapegoat soon.

So, until we get our first Oly gold or until the lady in red returns to Bangalore, whichever comes first, we will continue to ruminate on how 'this lady hogged all the limelight'.

Friday, February 24, 2012

NCTC [54/365]

We love acronyms!
We love to shorten the names of our movies, our government agencies and myriad departments and mundane programmes.
Why we even 'acronym'ize our college faculties. I've had HVD, who taught me Statistics; DYR who taught me English poetry and DNV, who taught me Maths. Come to think of it, I've never really found out the 'real' names behind the acronyms.
So while the real world has agencies like NREGA and programmes like JnNURM and such tongue twisting terms, every so often if you are fortunate you'll hear of a new acronym.
The Dope
Congratulations! Today is your lucky day. In today's lesson, you'll hear of NCTC (aka National Counter Terrorism Center). While developed and supposedly secure nations like the US already have the NCTC in place, India hit a road-block called Democracy. (Read about the exciting new blunder here)

Okay, now what is the NCTC?
Put simply and in the words of it's creator Home Minister P Chidambaram: "As the name suggests, the goal is to counter terrorism. Obviously, this will include preventing a terrorist attack, containing a terrorist attack should one take place, and responding to a terrorist attack by inflicting pain upon the perpetrators."

So why is this bad for us?
While I am for greater security and a nation where we won't have to worry about getting killed by terrorists, I think having a committee like this is infringing on our freedom and privacy as a citizen and inhabitant, I believe we need to start customizing our security plans so that we win a consensus while still being effective in deterring any more attacks. While many of our States have rightly opposed the Bill, some politicians are simply stonewalling any attempt at progress.
Leaders like Mamata B appear to be rather starched against any Bill that the Center would like to bring in.

Our leaders pretend to be governing for our benefit, protecting us and shielding us from the unfortunate controversy that the beleaguered Home Minister has served. But this is not surprising considering how the national government has made all it's decisions in secrecy and with an innate sense of arrogance. But given the clout that many regional parties and the media hold, it is highly unlikely that the government or any of it's puppet masters will get away with laws that suit themselves more than anyone else.

All said, the NCTC may be the last Bill that a weakened party which is barely holding on to its dynasty reins will like to have during its last few months in power.

Recommmended Read: WikiLeaks!

Thursday, September 08, 2011

And finally she did!

While proving that India didn't lack men who were hungering for her skin, she has also retained the title of 'The most downloaded model on the internet' (sic) by dangling this picture.

Atlast, now those Venezuelan and Brazilian babes can go back home now.

Okay, here's a thought, Ms Pandey. How about promising to strip if terrorists stop bombing?
Finally, we'll have peace and you can go absconding again.

What surprises me is how human beings will stoop to conquer eye balls.
While most sane people would never want to hear disgraceful things said about themselves and their upbringing or parents, there are some like our dear Ms Poonam 'I'll-strip-for-nuts' Pandey who wouldn't mind even if the entire nation had labeled her a 'publicity stunt' and a wannabe.

Why? But I guess this will always remain as those things we do but won't like to admit we are doing with an sinister motive in mind.

So now, how do you suggest we punish people like Ms strip?
Make her read all of Ms Arundhati Roy writing. That should sufficiently traumatize instill discipline in errant people like her.

Poonam, please learn a lesson or two from Larissa Riquelme

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