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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sound OK Horn [42/365]

It took me a few months to understand why every public transport in India had 'Sound OK Horn' painted on the back of their vehicles. Why are we asking if the sound is okay with the horn?!
Gradually as India began to sink into me, I discovered the Indian obsession with horns and anything that produced sound.

In the 15 years that I've used a vehicle on Indian roads, it is impossible to miss road rage.
I've mentioned in an earlier post of how musically blessed our drivers are, but every time I get on to the road I feel like I am in a battlezone.

As if proving me right, a recent report of how road rage got out of hand got me thinking. When am I going to be the victim? Not that I've been safe from the brush of death but its just that I've been really lucky.

Our drivers use their horns as an extension of their alter egos. Safe within the cocoons of their vehicles, they toot their horns impatiently and inconsiderately. From the moment they get out of their garages up until they return, an average driver would have honked atleast a dozen times. Statistics apart, I think what makes us arrogant drivers is the fact that we are not ready to wait. We can't wait for the traffic to clear and we reach for the horn almost automatically. I've had drivers become extremely impatient and honk even when they can see that the traffic is piled up for miles ahead of them. I've seen drivers honk when they are in a tearing hurry to zip past, even when you are stuck and can't. I've had drivers so pissed that they've tried running me off the road, only because I could not let them overtake me. I've seen Indians swear and show the finger and generally so angry and irritated. While I can understand how the state of our city roads are anything but desirable, I fail to see how we cannot be little less noisy, lot more patient and tolerant. And this is possible when we don't honk as much as we do.

So I thought what better way to prove my theory but by trying it myself. I took it as a project for the last one week where I decided to not use my horn at all. While it was difficult to resist, I found that I didn't hurry while on my way to work, slowed down when I had to, drove defensively and didn't get as stressed as I would normally be.
I swore much less when that driver cut lanes and within a day or two I could even start smiling again at fellow drivers.  This was incredible transformation!

While I won't advocate a 'No Horn' day simply because such a day is impossible to effectively implement it, I think the transformation will begin when we shed our obsession with sounding horns, one honk at a time.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Thank God its Friday!

As we approach the weekend, I am on a high. Indescribable. The joy of being able to kick off your shoes and relax over the weekend doing absolutely nothing or maybe everything pending makes weekends look like summer vacations.
Mondays are still a very long way away.
Fridays are perhaps the happiest days at work. We can handle any rejection, we can overcome the nastiest of glitches. Halleluiah Endorphin!

But as we come to the end of a yet another week in India, many families are grieving. For victims of the latest attrocity to strike India, this week could have been better. They would have traded what happened to their loved ones for all the gold and all the platinum in this world.
Yet we have people who sympathise with terrorism. While we have shining examples of how people have united in mankind's gravest hours, we have a few hundreds who theorize that perhaps terrorists are victims themselves.

A chap, (who I know not and thank God for that) recently opined " If you make the world a ideal wouldnt be beautiful / borning hence for everything there is a balance which is required according to Newton 3rd law & it is part & parcel of the Deed... A simple answer is - Do we always do good? or do we also indulge in not so good things... There lies your answer.. Terrorism is only highlighted in Media !! hence people write on blog , twitter -FB etc...but understanding the pain of terrorist is also rquired to eradicate such menace...In india with 50% of people earning less than 5k...If Terror org pay u 10Lac so that your family is secure...would u take the bait? In official records...he is a terrorists but he is in real ensuring his family leads a good life - AOL :)"

Heck they are.

While I can understand why people would want to be the defender of the weak and exercise their right to speech and debate, when people empathise with what is clearly against human nature and the purpose of life, then they cross that fine line of propriety.

While we are being overwhelmed by opinions and counter arguments, it is essentail to remember that death hurts you only when tragedy strikes nearer home.
Until then, we will have people who are morbidly insensitive

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