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Friday, January 20, 2012

Mutual Friend [19/365]

Never far from His outstretched hands...
Many of my friends indulge in the ritual of hunting for mutual friends so that they can increase their circle of friends.
More friends = More love.

But being a Christian, when I see another Christian I feel an enormous sense of belonging.
I may not know that person previously but I know that we have a mutual friend in Christ.

Perhaps what they say about birds with the same feather does have an element of truth in them.
I've attended a dozen churches over the past few years, and have always found that every church as being more warmer than the last one. Non-Christians call this a calming effect that a church has on their souls. But whatever it is, Jesus ties our hearts down to that basic need to have a common friend in Him. As written in John 15:9-17, Jesus loved us first.

Every time I get to meet a fellow Christian, the connection grows. I always end up learning more about Christ than I already knew. The fact that we have different perspectives of what the Lord does in our lives, regardless of whether we practice it or not is what enriches me. While some are pained by the struggles, most Christians learn to take it with a philosophical pinch of salt to come out stronger.

With Christ, our mutual Friend, I know that I all the love I'll ever need.

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