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Monday, March 26, 2012

A spade's call [85/365]

Bebo, as Kareena Kapoor is fondly called, will do her raunchiest and boldest 'intimate' scene in mainstream cinema ever, for one of the most anticipated Bollywood movie this year - Heroine.
In Bollywood, as in Hollywood, as movies approach their premiere the grapevine will churn out juicy gossip for the drooling journalists and paparazzi. So it's business as usual for Bollywood.

While none of these heroines or 'movie stars' can claim to be naive or innocent, what is surprising is how naive we are. A spat and a disagreement is great news. More so if such an incident can boost the excitement of that movie.
Bollywood is the carrot for most Indian and Western women who have more beauty than brains. They win a few beauty contests, do a few photo-shoots and then a movie, a reality show or an ad.
So what if the debut is not exactly their claim to fame. Any fame is good news.

Barring a few, most actresses are incredibly superficial. I find their declarations to never do an item number or nudity and to do movies only if the script makes sense extremely hypocritical. Give them a few flops and you'll hear them talking about that 'very essential' nude scene/item number in the next movie. But what if you are still the reigning queen, with newer starlets offering to shed their clothes for less or no reason, the pressure to pleasure and titillate increases within actresses at the top.

While many remain addicted to the constant gaze of the limelight, some will fortunately find the fuller things in life.
Some will settle down with a husband and kids and some will find fulfillment in alternate careers.
But most of them will do just about anything to stay in the news, for that 15 minutes of fame. To be the flavor of the day, the month, and the quarter.

After all, the next new starlet is just around the corner, and you'll be last year's news.

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