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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Holier than thou [38/365]

The land of Kamasutra has done it again.
For all those foreigners who thought Indians are prudish and not 'curious', a bunch of legislators from the southern state of Karnataka have managed to prove them otherwise.
Three ministers were caught by a television crew watching a porn clip on their smartphones. The reason for the outrage is because they were watching the clip while the house was in motion discussing other 'serious' stuff on Tuesday. (Read the enchanting story here)
Fast forward a day, all three got the boot, a committee was formed, and the opposition got another brownie point. While the entire nation drools over the finer points, politicians from Kerala will barely want to mumble considering their penchant with prostitution. So its business as usual in India.

Politicians getting caught with the pants down, and hands inside the cookie jar (no pun intended) has always made for interesting media. 'Porn'gate, as any scam worth its muck gets christened, couldn't have come at a worse time for the ruling party in the government. As Indians prepare to go to the polls, a scandal like this is something that any politician could have stayed away from.

While heads are rolled with incredible efficiency, I also begin to question how effective such decisions are.
C'mon, are we going to assume that these politicians are never going to watch porn again? Are we to believe that they will be reformed and never ever pornicate themselves? That's right. They are not going to stop.
Infact, they will only be a lot more careful about not getting caught.
Not that I am advocating that watching porn is bad. Infact, I am yet to think about a person, man or woman who has not watched porn, ever.
I'd rather recommend a healthy dose of erotica to any man or woman but as Indians, we are naive. We'd like to believe that people have never watched a 'blue film' ever. Aw crap! We'd like to believe that our boys and men have never masturbated ever. Most believe that woman don't like porn. Well, my ex was into 'animal sex' and there are tons of sites that cater to every possible sexual craving capable to humanity. And Internet was just the most incredible way to all that free porn. Heck, this will even boost the numbers of those googling out the now aptly titled 'ministers mms masala' clip online.
We are indeed closet pornstars. Behind closed doors in cyber cafes and seedy hotel rooms, our boys and girls are satisfying themselves to their heart's content. And we have the MMS clips and video clips to prove that.

So whether it is a video of a rave party going wild or men gang-banging a drunk woman, the takers are always there. Its just a matter where you watch it. The ministers made the cardinal mistake of letting their curiosity get the better of them. Like a bunch of repressed teens with raging hormones, they forgot that the walls indeed have eyes. Caught red handed with a blue film (pun intended). However, I know of many many colleagues who have either watched porn at office or have atleast exchanged porn via emails while in office. I also know of some colleagues have made love in restrooms and dimly light landscaped lawns. But I guess we are all innocent until caught.

I doubt if this would be the last porngate to hit the headlines.
In the words of Michael Moore: I wonder how future civilizations will judge us...

Friday, August 05, 2011

Why not?!

The Corrupt and his Protege`
Looks like the bad news just keeps coming.

Back home in Bangalore, Yeddy did a Sonia.
Logic took a hike and he managed to install a Chief Minister that he preferred.
Now, say it slowly with me, folks: Yes Of Course.

What began as a earnest measure to uproot the corrupt just ended up as an exercise in futility.
While the new chief insists that he is not a puppet and will act with integrity and honesty, his elevation to the top job is only the beginning of the end.

While there is a growing dissatisfaction of the way the government works, what ties the hands of anti corruption crusaders is the lack of political will to allow themselves to be held accountable. Over the years, I've oscillated between the opinion that India should be ruled by a firm fisted dictator and by a President.

A biparty political system that invites and involves its citizens to participate in governing and also allows a moderate amount of freedom while still encouraging growth and creativity.
A nation where its constitution is framed with the needs of today's society. Not one that shortsighted forefathers created, but one where we are given a chance to create and inspired to follow.
A nation where you know what your politicians stand for. A nation that is ruled by the people and not by megalomaniac politicians.
We need a nation where politicians are held accountable for their performance, and corrupt officials been disqualified. For ever.
While all this is difficult for us as a nation to accomplish, I believe it is possible. Progressive Asian countries have proved that politicians can be what they were meant to be. Govern with integrity.

Even though there is enough incentive to live in a society that is free of corruption, the lure of easy money and a weak judiciary is what frustrates ordinary citizens.
The social costs of having to bribe officials for anything you need and everything you deserve is huge.
The number of politicians that get away with weak laws and laws that tend to serve their purpose is astounding.

How can so many of us keep quiet when visibly corrupt minister(s) demand one of their own in a position of authority?
How can we pretend to believe that the newly crowned minister will govern with integrity?
How can we believe the justifications of the guilty? 
Can we ever hope to see the guilty and corrupt tried by a impartial judiciary, a la Egyptians?

The last I hear the ruling house is split wide at the middle, with the rival faction demanding plum positions (which in most chances they will get). Now, what was that phrase about a house that is divided among themselves will not survive?

Like a dog that goes back to its vomit, the people of Karnataka are doomed to a yet another government that will systematically plunder, loot and deceive.
It's not 'India Shining', it's 'India Stealing'.

Now, Mr Chief Minister, while you are fighting among yourselves, who the hell is running the state?

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Problems? What Problem? No Problem

'We don't need no education
We don't need no thought control...'
....goes the Pink Floyd song.
It looks like we are a bunch of people who are resistant to instruction, allergic to change, susceptible to greed and mute to corruption.

BS Yeddyurappa, fondly called Yeddy, is the most recent victim to an era of incredibly corrupt politicians.

While it seems like we as a nation are poor, our politicians are in the super wealthy league. How?!
While his political party is fighting the government on serious allegations of graft and nepotism, Yeddy's ouster couldn't have come at a worse hour.

Caught with its hand in the cookie jar, the national political party just proved yet again on what is wrong with the nation's politics.

Why must an tainted minister get to choose who his successor should be?
How does he think he can even justify himself?
Why must we even encourage such rhetoric?
While it is true that you are innocent until proven guilty, how can we let a minister(s) go with just a rap on the knuckles, when presented with such overwhelming evidence of plunder?

All said and much done, I must admit I am vaguely beginning to love and loathe the way our politicians manipulate the lost sheep (aka followers).
Desperately trying to cling on to power and make the most out of his last week in power, Yeddy tried (unsuccessfully) to appoint his cronies to Law enforcement so that when and if he is tried in a competent court of law, he can surely count on the support of some familiar faces and hands.
A simple case of 'You scratch my back, I'll scratch your back' Later.

All the billions of dollars that could have been otherwise used for the good of the people have been siphoned off to offshore tax havens never to be ever seen again.

I wonder why we even waste any more time investigating any of them, since chances are:
a) The investigating agency/officer will not find any real evidence to prosecute the culprits.
b) Money trails are hard to trace.
c) The culprits will almost definitely buy the investigators/witnesses off. With the sheer volume of money at stake, greasing the palms of a few more people will hardly cost the culprits anything.
d) If the track record of our investigative agencies are anything to go by, chances are nearly all of them will be back in power before we can even say 'Guilty'.
e) Public memory is short. We will crib and rant about this only until the next thousand crore scam hits the fan.
Somewhere in Bangalore and some other obscure parts of Karnataka hundreds of politicians are now gathered scheming, plotting, fretting, fraternizing, deliberating, celebrating.
Like veteran magicians, they are plundering our land while they distract us with grand histrionics. 

But on the brighter side, shame on you Poonam Pandey, even Yeddyurappa kept his words and finally resigned.

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