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Monday, August 27, 2012

Naked! [240/365]

Don't say you never saw this coming.
Prince Harry's naked butt.

That's right. Seeing how it has been a while since the Royal showed a bit of flesh in public, Prince Harry decided to break the 'dry spell' when pictures of him naked in a suite in Las Vegas surfaced on the internet.

Red-faced and visibly embarrassed, the future King and current Royal Airforce Apache pilot was 'letting off some steam' before he heads to Afghanistan. Gee, that explains it all.
See, it was only a little bit of innocent drinking, stripping and cupping, you know. Never mind that there was an unidentified lady too, but chances are she will be identified in the days to come and she will be offered millions of dollars to spill her two cents of juicy bits (no pun intended) of the crown jewels. Had this been in Mangalore, Harry and the lady would have been taught some lessons in modesty.

So what does this entail for the Prince?
While he is surely going to get a royal earful from the Queen and his father, I doubt if this will be the last time we see the pink bottoms. Harry is too wild to be tamed.
But then, knowing how allergic the Royals are about being caught naked, I think he will turn a corner here.
He might loose his job in the Airforce, but considering how Playboy and the Chippendale's are tripping over each-other to hire his pink tushie, I don't think he will have too much trouble earning.

God bless the internet.
And oh yes, the Queen too!

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