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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Stooping to conquer [111/365]

Power is addictive.
You could be the statutory head of a country or a prayer group.

As an active member of a Church that I go to, I signed up to be a member of the House Fellowship Group.
The group didn't have a head, and since I had considerable experience coordinating and leading large groups of people, I volunteered to be a Convener. Bang!
The outgoing convener didn't take this too lightly. Out came the claws. Writing an elaborate email he cited breach of protocol and procedure.
Erring on the side of caution, we apologized. Several times. Profusely.
He wouldn't back down. He demanded the proper procedure and protocol be followed and reiterated that he would not want to walk away because he 'didn't want to create a bad precedence'.
When I reminded him that this really wasn't a contest or an election and that he was free to continue to be a Convener, he promptly retaliated with unhelpful reminders that this all about propriety and how he 'didn't want to cling on to power or money'. I know what you're thinking. Yes. Well, some people are just incorrigible.
His wife took up the cudgels to defend the honor of her beleaguered Husband.
While such infighting is a sign of a rot that is deeper, all this just for the post of a Prayer Group Convener. Really?!

Power, at any level, is exhilarating. The competitiveness can get very addictive. I've led large groups of people on corporate projects and thoroughly enjoyed being responsible and in charge.
I've enjoyed delegating tasks and overseeing people and making sure that everyone had a task they loved and worked as a team.

But how would you define an awesome leader?
Someone who can work under pressure, delegate tasks, foresee eventualities, be able to accept and deliver constructive feedback, nurture talent and achieve objectives. All while having fun. Someone who makes his/her job look really easy.
I've come to understand that people enjoy being in a team when they are all equal partners and responsible for the outcome.

Leadership matters, even when the position does not. 
But the money and fame is real, bubba.

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