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Monday, January 16, 2012

God's List [15/365]

When non Christians ask me; of all the things that the Bible teaches you, what is it that God wants humans to do.
I tell them; Love. Not the romantic love. Not the phoney love you have for that latest gadget from the fruit based computer company, but the love that God has for you.

In Leviticus 19:11-18, we see how God instructs his people similarly. He gives us the ten commandments.
Now, to most Christians, the ten commandments begins and ends with confirmation and the first holy communion. It is then repeated only seldom when asked. Not applied, mind you. Just repeated.

Without going into details, I can confidently say that any human being who follows the ten commandments is eligible for the infinite grace and mercy of Jesus Christ and our holy Father. That being said, this does not guarantee a VIP entry and special seating at the time of judgement. For Jesus has clearly told us that no one enters the kingdom of Heaven unless through Him (Read John 14:6).

While traditionally Christian countries in the west have been systematically wiping out all references to the Lord, in an effort to appear secular and popular, we have countries like India who have been making huge strides in Christian evangelism. I also see this as that phase of our life in this world where we as believers need to hold the Word closer to ourselves than ever before.

The ten commandments. It isn't a huge list. Ignoring it, however is a grave deed. 
Obeying it gets you into the line. But Jesus is your only turnstile, buddy.

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