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Sunday, July 03, 2011

Where's my topic, dude?

How many of you writers have struggled to find your next topic to write about?
While a flurry of hands go up, I must admit that I have struggled with my fair share of false starts.

Right up there in my list of 'The Most Pleasurable things to do', writing is one of those things that I'd love to indulge in.
Some of my best articles were when I was emotionally spurred and I often wonder if I'll ever get saturated.
A well written article is like fine dining.
Must be exquisite, thorough and well knit.

Having blogged for a year and a half now, I've grown and matured as a writer. Though I still lack the marketing and technological skills that I'd need to promote my blog writing about things that matter to you, sharpens the wit and wordsmithing skills that you'd need as a writer.
Start Engines.
Getting the ball rolling is perhaps the toughest.
Many people I know fear writing. They experience what I'd describe a 'pen fright'.
I've struggled with the overwhelming anxiety of how my writing will be perceived. However I've figured that I'd never know how awful or awesome I am unless I try it. My first blog post about GE Brinjal, in hindsight, was an amateurish effort. Nevertheless I was happy that I'd started.

Know thy Topic.
If you'd keep your mind open, you'll never run out of topics. This is however easier said than done.
Over the years that I've been writing, I've had no dearth of things that I wanted to write about. However deciding how to harness your creative juices is what matters.
Ofcourse, you mustn't write about stuff that you'll regret about. Meaning, ex'es and secret love affairs are out of the question. I've grown to be wise about the topics that I choose to write, because they are mostly about things that matter most to me. Things that make me who I am.

There's never a Tomorrow.

Procrastination is a killer. Maybe you don't have the motivation to write or maybe you simply don't know that you could dedicate just one hour in your day to write. But most people I know, simply don't prioritize their writing. They decide to start writing when they retire. I push all my writing assignments to a vacation or a holiday since I am simply too disorganized to write when I am not on vacation. Like any other evil, the moment you procrastinate, you know that you're done for. You know that you are not getting that article written. Of the three long vacations that I've taken, I'm yet to finish any of my assignments. But I still believe I will write my memoir when I'm retired. Fat chance that is going to happen.

Writing is therapeutic.
Literary therapy- Can only be compared to the peace of mind that you'd get when you are in love.
I remember I started writing because I was lonely as a child. Many years later, I started blogging when I was going through one of the most traumatic phases of my life. Writing fulfilled a need to express and a desire to be honest with yourself. Writing gave me an emotional orgasm.

A decade ago, just as a fresher out of college, I worked with a marketing agency. A salesman trick that we're taught is how you must walk with confidence, approach your client with a smile and give a firm handshake. They also taught us of how we must make our best impression in the first ten seconds of meeting the client and of how we must 'let' the client hold and feel the product that we are selling (which in my case were Oxford Thesauruses). We were told that within 45 seconds of having handed over the book for demo, we must close the pitch or they'll not buy it. The K.I.S.S technique- Keep It Short and Sweet. Writing is not too different. Writers must be careful of the topic they choose, how they present it and the succulence with which they must wrap it up. Improvising on the K.I.S.S, I would say, you need to follow the 'Mini skirt' technique. Short enough to arouse interest, long enough to cover the subject.

Looking forward to a future that is a watt brighter than what it was before I was a writer/blogger, I owe all that I've written to my Lord- Jesus Christ.

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