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Thursday, April 26, 2012

PG: Sex [116/365]

One of the most fascinating things about Indians is how we treat sex.
We know everyone's doing it. We invented the KamaSutra. Some more than the others. So every couple of months, our law-makers and it's guardians feel the need to revise rules on what is right and what is taboo.
A couple of years ago, the justice system rattled the hornet's nest when it declared 'live-in' relationships as legal.
Today, it achieved another landmark by declaring sex with a person under 18 as illegal. (Read the rousing news here)
But wasn't it illegal already? And if it wasn't, what took them so long?

There are two sides to this.
The proponents of this law, rightly, believes that a person under 18 does not fully understand the physical and emotional ramifications of intercourse.
And the opponents of this think they deserve to do whatever they want whenever they want to.

Now, let me think.
I support the theory that individuals below the age of 18 cannot make informed decisions that includes things like having wild sex. But then again, I know a lot of people who are 24 and still don't know how to rein in their hormones or make proper decisions. If this law is designed to protect children from being victimized at home or elsewhere, they surely have erred. In a land where adults who have victimized don't get justice, what hope can children have?
I also understand what the opponents of this law say, when they demand the right to do what their bodies are telling them to do. Stifling them leads to piles and constipation.
Surprisingly, all of the opponents are the 'victims' of this law - Students. One particular comment of a student who was asked why he thinks this law should be repealed was, 'We hit puberty at 13. What are we supposed to do for 5 years?!' My answer - 'Study, Einstein'.

While I still know of a lot of women and men who are virgins right into their late 20's, I also know of a lot of school going children who are desperate to loose their virginity. But there is something so disturbing when children demand to have sex even before they can vote. Not that the elections are something to look forward to, but aren't children supposed to be studying and excelling in their academics/sports or something? Yes, I'm really old fashioned. 

But what is the role of the Supreme Court of the country when it sits a bench to decide on legislature like this?
It appears that we never seem to learn from experience. Prohibiting something can only make it more rampant. Underage sex becomes the forbidden fruit.

Fed on a rich diet of sexual innuendos and movies, our children are dying to just do it.
Setting an age is counter productive. Shouldn't we actually be educating our children to make informed decisions? Setting an age of consent is never going to work. 

Conditioning them to think on their feet rather than their genitals will.

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