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Friday, September 21, 2012

Selective Patriotism [265/365]

Huang Shih-ting.
Female. 23 years old. Model.
A few months ago, she was still struggling to make ends meet.

But today, if you'd google her name you'll find dozens of half naked pictures of her 'trying' to show as much as possible without really teaching us anything new.

Ms Shih-tang shed her clothes in protest against the decision of the London Olympic organizing committee to remove Chinese and Taiwanese flags. from the venue. She remedied it by using the Taiwanese flags to cover two strategic locations. Ms Shih-tang was obviously inspired by her Indian and South American compatriots. Now, why didn't Poonam think of wrapping herself up with the Tricolour?

In one of the pictures, the good model is standing buck-naked on the flag of the very country she is 'fighting' for. Thank God she is not in India. Here businessmen are taken to court for hoisting the flag in their companies.
But maybe she did make a point- the Taiwanese flag didn't deserve to be up with the rest of the world but covering 'mosquito-bites', her crotch and under her feet.

But then like I rightly said, this won't be the last time a bimbo will strip for her nation. Perhaps we must abandon all other methods of protests. Stripping is the most non-violent way and is easy on the eyes too. After all, it does get everyone what they want- Hare-brained bimbos, their 13 minutes of YouTube videos; Men, with the necessary titillation.

Seeing how bandhs and hartals are not accomplishing anything anymore, a more effective way of protest would be to have Poonam to upload a video of her taking bath in diesel in protest of the recent hike in diesel prices. And Sherlyn.. er never mind. We'll get to see her in Playboy this November. 

Mallika, I hear has demanded 100 bodyguards after seeing this video.

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