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Thursday, May 10, 2012

The indomitable Spirit [130/365]

source: The Province
The beauty of this world are in people with an indomitable spirit.
People who have incredible odds stacked against them, but who rise up to the occasion.
With panache.

In a world that teaches us to take calculated risks and bargains, an article about how a paralyzed woman beat incredible odds to finish the London marathon was an incredible story by itself.
Being a paraplegic is a terrible thing. Trapped in a body that can't obey your mind, is something an active person will find hard to live with.
The most famous paraplegic was the original 'Superman' Christopher Reeve, who fought for the cause of paraplegic until his death. Why do we have some people who give up too easily and some find new energy to fight?
In a world where we complain too often and compliment too less, life is complicated.

Again, I can only imagine the daily struggles that people like Claire faces and applaud the immense power of the mind over body. Euthanasia (or Assisted Suicide) can be the easier solution for a paraplegic. But life is just too amazing to give up so easily.
I hope we can all learn from the lesson that people like Claire wants to teach.

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