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Saturday, March 31, 2012

March'ing to the band [90/365]

Ah, finally! We managed to scrap through another month of taxes, budgets, heartburn and last minute scramble to invest. In all, this was a colorful month.

Dirty Word of the Month: Sticks and Stones.

We got Sachin to achieve his personal goal and give a shit to the game that made him what he is. He still got the stick.
The wall stepped down and the world's largest democracy tight roped through another budget. Albeit a good one. She got the stones.
The cops and lawyers across Bangalore exchanged some sticks and stones themselves.
People getting convicted, others getting acquitted. Some spending most of their wealth and some hoarding.
Some holding on to the principals they believe in and others shedding theirs with the clothes as easily.
Some more politicians caught watching porn and then others so clueless that they might as well have been dead.

A year ago,
Japan got the sticks and stones for putting her citizens at risk. Today, the untenable citizens and the government have managed to rebuild their nation like a Phoenix. 
India on the other hand, can't read.
A year ago, we had callous rapes that appalled the nation. And so will we have one in a year's time from today.
Looks like we haven't changed much in one year after all.

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