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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Jackpot! [88/365]

'Work like you've won the lottery and don't need the money'

But what happens when you DO win the lottery and you are working at a dead end job that has not taken you anywhere for the past 15 years? Call it a day and invest and live off the rich interests? Or invest in the company you are working for? Or go hiding because you are sure someone is playing an epic prank?

Well, option 3 if you are the holder of a $105 million Mega Millions lottery ticket that an Haitian immigrant living in Baltimore. Especially so, if that winning ticket was purchased out of the money that a lot of your friends/colleagues put in and have no plans of splitting it. (Money shot here)
Personally I've never tested my luck with gambling but I know a lot of people who buy the lottery waiting for that one big jackpot. And some who have hit the jackpot too.
Apart from the proverbial law of probability, winning money that you haven't worked hard for is such a huge lure.

Recently a regional language channel premiered a quiz game show where the participants are given Rs 1 Crore (Approx $ 209,292) right at the start of the show and the contestants would need to answer questions correctly to keep them. If 'Deal or No Deal' was a big hit, this show is set to beat that. Ofcourse, the Indian version of the 'Who wants to be a millionaire', immortalized by Bachhan Sr and Slumdog Millionaire will always remain the fan favorites.

It appears like there is the immense amount of money that just wants to come to you.
Personally, I'd like to earn every rupee that I have so that I know I've worked for them and deserved it.
Many people might think I am being idealistic but I think I am realistic. Every time I've had money that I didn't earn for (and deserve) I've noticed that it goes out of your hands just as easily. And I don't even feel good about it.
But the inspiration to make more money is a wonderful thing.

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