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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Kasab's last Kabab [326/365]

After four years of deliberations and a couple of millions bucks feeding him and curing him of his illnesses, Kasab was hanged in a Pune prison.
In this four years, he was paraded like a prized cattle er ... thief.
The crime was proven the moment he was caught, but our politicians didn't want to loose this wonderful opportunity to rub salt into Pakistan's wounds and prove that we are just at the same time. He was after all caught on candid camera gunning down innocent travelers with an AK47 much to the chagrin of his Pakistani handlers. In the minds of billions of patriotic Indians, he was already sentenced to death but we toyed with him. Gave him a glimmer of hope that we might free him on humanitarian grounds. Our tax rupees paid for his counsel, years of biriyani, kababs and world-class healthcare. We pleaded, cajoled, threatened Pakistan to hand over Kasab's masters.

Predictably, they didn't and we went ahead and hanged him. The fools amongst us celebrated.
While some human-loving peace nicks campaigned for clemency and raised 300-odd signatures (what's 300 in a country of a billion-plus), Kasab had his time run out and we lost our favorite Pakistani scapegoat to the hangman's noose early this morning.
We didn't have to do what we did. Kasab should have been parceled to the bottom of the Indian Ocean ala Osama but no. We had to parade him to feel vindicated.

I wonder what Kasab went through. Did he curse his luck that he stayed alive. Did he repent killing so many people? Was he enjoying the enemy's hospitality? Was he angry that his family, his village and his country disowned him? Given a chance would he have reformed? Could we have turned him against Pakistan? Was there a chance he thought he would be pardoned? Was he happy with the biriyani and kababs?

So while we all slept, Kasab had his last kabab and bid adieu in the most ironic and painful way he could. In the same way he snuck into India under the cloak of darkness and with the same stealth that he killed, he was killed.

We like to think we are children of our destiny, inevitable results of our circumstances. Kasab had a choice. He could have grown up and worked hard like the hundreds and thousands of people that he and his compatriots mercilessly killed.
Instead like hardened spies, he held fort and took his secrets to the grave.

Can we atleast ask Pakistan for a refund?

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Hang that bastard [242/365]

Kasab got the noose. Finally!

After spending much of our tax payer Rupees, 53 crore to be exact, we can be proud that we are hanging our most favorite and only Pakistani scapegoat. While the world (read Pakistan) wont say we abused him while in custody, today's ruling looked like some of those promotions that happen in the corporate world. It was decided a long while ago.

Why we spent all those crores on him when we were going to hang him anyway is beyond me. Surely we wanted to prove that we are different from our trigger-happy cousins in the West, but there is some wisdom in their insanity too. Case in point, Saddam and Osama.
While Bush did the foolish thing of allowing Saddam to be tried, his death brought about unnecessary rumors. Lesson learned, Osama was tetra packed to the sea floor with no fuss or drama. See, India could've have done the same too, but our politicians are too vainglorious to miss on their one chance to strut.

So then, by parading Kasab like a prized Himalayan bear, we showed that we could set aside our urge to strangle him and give him a taste of our legendary Indian hospitality.
I would love to get inside the head of Kasab. I would love to know what he is thinking- of his motherland, who did wrote him off and of India, who fed him Biriyani and protected him round the clock.  Kasab, please don't mind the wild celebrations we had when we heard you are going to be hung.

Just one question, Kasab: Why didn't you walk into the Ecuadorian embassy? Blah!

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Will the real Saeed please stand up? [95/365]

Oh Shit! 
The FBI recently announced a bounty on the head of Hafiz Saeed, founder of Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT). A $10 million bounty. That's a lot of rupees, you see.

Predictably, the Pakis have already issued their standard issue rebuttal and expressed their indignation at being told that a terrorist is living on their soils. How dare the western infidels think we are harboring terrorists? Funny people, don't you say?!

But the timing of such an announcement is simply perfect. Coming just a few days before the Pakistani Prez visits India, it's arch enemy and bitter sweet neighbor, this was the best way the US could have stepped up the pressure. (Read the non funny story here)
Seeing as how the rivalry between the neighbors have been counter-productive, Pakistan needs the peace with India more than ever before. With an announcement that put a bounty on a guy who India has got within her cross-hairs for a long time, it is a fool's guess what is going to be the topic of heated discussion on Sunday.

Besides the timing, an announcement like this corners Pakistan, who does not seem to have much credibility especially after OBL was found right under the nose hairs of the Pakistani military. The US and Pakistanis have never been great allies and probably never will.
But they need each other more than they would like to admit it.
The Americans need the Pakistanis mainly because of the strategic reach that the country has with radicals.
And the Pakistanis need Uncle Sam to fund its economy. And to buy Chinese nukes.
In the midst of all this, Indians are having a big chuckle.

Of course, now that Saeed is officially one among the most wanted men in the world, it should be easy to catch him, right?
Because here is how things will go-
  • Pakistan will vehemently protest the insinuation that Saeed (or any terrorist scum) is in Pakistani soil. Growling.
  • The Americans will barely let a sigh out.
  • The Indians will say 'Ha, see we told you that the Pakistanis are hiding all the scum in this world'. Feeling vindicated.
  • The Pakistanis will ask for evidence (aka dossiers) that Saeed is in their country.
  • Uncle Sam: "Thought you'll never ask". Here you go.
  • Pakistanis get satellite photos and all kinds of incriminating evidence including the postal zip code of the Mr S.  Damn!
  • By now, you're thinking the Pakistanis will give up? Heck no. Pakistanis: "Not enough evidence". Whimpering.
  • Wikileaks steps in. (And you know how that'll go)
  • Indians will stand cowering and posturing by the side, sniggering. With a smug smile.
  • Tired, the Americans will send in their drones with a 'care package' for Mr S.
End of Story.

Repeat above cycle until Pakistan is clean of all of the scum of the world or until the end of the world, whichever comes early.

Friday, July 15, 2011

when Sh!t hits the fan

Not a pretty picture.

But 24 hours after Mumbai 'rocked' again, our great nation is going through a regular cycle of blame game.
After all, its so easy to blame rather than to be the change.

Our News channels have got the fodder for the next couple of weeks. Nay, days. Because there is going to be a multi-billion dollar scam next week. And no, I dont have any insider knowledge but just the sickening feeling of deja vu.

Our politicians will visit the sites/hospitals/cities. The opposition will blame the ruling party for the nth fucking time for all the bullshit. The PM will blame the CM. Someone will quit. The Home Minister will announce rewards and declare to bring the guilty to book. Investigations will be launched with much sober fanfare. The government will shamelessly promise (and we will be definitely believe) that this will be the last time we are attacked. Theories will arise. And in the meanwhile, Kasab will continue to live in relative luxury and safety. Any wonder why the Americans shot Bin Laden and dumped him in the ocean?

And We, will hold candle light vigils, marches and strikes. We will raise signature campaigns and generally make some noise for the next few weeks. Nay days. We will also blame the government for not taking care of us, for not catching the crooks, for not babysitting us. In the meanwhile, we will remain mute spectators to murders that happen right infront of our fucking eyes.

Our cowardice can no longer be sugar coated and called resilience.
Most people in the south are less concerned about and perhaps not worried about terrorist attacks. Which is probably why most people that I know are not bothered. Many rather worry about their fitness and their cities' infrastructure. Terrorism has not struck Bangalore the way it has gripped Mumbai. Tamil Nadu has not been bothered with terrorism since the last assasination. Kerala? Well, half of them don't stay there anymore. So who cares. Andhra is more bothered about dividing itself like a asexual microorganism than anything else.

Dear Mr Faceless/Heartless Terrorist,

Why are you ignoring us in the South?
Don't you like us? Don't you hate us?

Please try to bomb at-least one of the busy cities in the South so that fear really grips the nation totally and completely.
We have busy malls and busier roads.
We have airports that are not secured at all.
Infact, our temples are more secure than our businesses.
We have politicians who are impotent, er incompetent.
We have big big MNC companies who generate India's wealth and keep all of us too busy to bother about fighting you.

Please, please don't ignore us. Please come to our cities and bomb us too.
Yours Truely

A concerned but not so worried South Indian

Fuck resilience. The need of the hour (and probably every single hour of every single day of every single year) is prudence and vigilance. We need to do whatever it takes to clean the shit all over.

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Yesterday, India was still fawning over the Cabinet reshuffle that failed to impress, our sick athletes, the billions that we lost to enterprising ticks, the many railway accidents  and about the fucked up deep shit that we are in.
Yesterday, we were still complacent that we have a task force that should have found and stopped all those terrorist scum that want to kill the people of the most previous nation on earth- We.
Yesterday, we had just wrapped up our sober celebration and rested in the firm belief that we are finally safe.
Yesterday, our corrupt politicians were still praying that the heat be off them.
Yesterday, 21 people dreamt of owning a home, living a long and respectable life with their loved ones.
Yesterday, 100 people were all healthy and looking forward to a great tomorrow.
Yesterday, over a billion people were still reeling from the memories of yesteryear's scars.

But today was another day.
In the life of those who hate freedom.
In the hearts of who want to kill.
In the minds of the wicked.

While people are getting more active and social online, offline it is a an entirely different scenario.
Twitter, FB and G+ are blistering with the first reactions and counter-points.
Our politicians are giving us the usual crap about bringing the guilty to book. Fat Fucking Chance, Mr Politician.
For the rest of the sane among us, this is the reality that we are destined to live with.
Maybe we really need to shut down all those News channels. They are the real culprits. They 'break the news' in a pun that is almost cruel as the crime.
We need to kill sensationalistic journalism*. Like parasites that feed on carrion, our media channels give 'our' Terrorists their 24+ hours of fame.

Enough talk. Enough keyboard activism.
We need action

For more juice on Sensationalistic Journalism, please visit:
Baapho's coverage on the Media coverage of Mumbai attack
Buzzle's articles on Media Sensationalism

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