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Monday, July 30, 2012

Why rave?! [212/365]

not a pretty sight this. Source: The Internet
Mangalore is back in the news. Again for all the wrong reasons.
A group of seven youngsters, who'd gathered to celebrate their birthdays were busted by a fringe political party. (Moral Policing)

Apparently the media was in the right place at the right time as the 'raid' was broadcast live across the nation. Visuals of the men pulling and ripping off the clothes of the four girls were gruesome. Couple of questions at the top of my head are:
Who authorized this raid?
Why shouldn't these men be hung?
What is the role of media in a situation like this?

Now, even if we were to humor the 'righteous police' and assume the youngsters were into whatever our imaginations can concoct, isn't that what the real cops for?
The media has been getting it's fair share of flak for a while now. While journalistic license allows you to capture all that happens around you, does it also mean that you get to be at the scene while the crime is in progress and not act to stop it? If we thought Guwahati was a rare phenomena, what happened at Mangalore is unholy. The cameramen should have informed the police and resisted the urge of filming such unabated violence.
The men who misbehaved with the youngsters must be made an example of and hung. No mercy can be shown. But this is asking for too much of a nation who fetes and pampers it's terrorists.

For a world where you're only as famous as the headline you get, this broadcast just got the party that much needed publicity boost.
The victims will be psychologically scarred for ever, and life moves on.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Been there, June that [182/365]

exactly, my reaction too!
So another month has rolled past.
Another month on that much needed sabbatical..

It has been a wonderful month for the scribes and looking at the sheer volume of newsreel wasted on controversies, it looks like we are right in the eye of the storm.

Lee got his pound of flesh and Hesh, the spoils of war. Sania became bait. Predictably she complained, but well, what else did she expect?
Pinky got fingered. In every sense of the word. The Asiad gold medalist was accused by her live-in partner and everyone (for their 15 minutes of fame) of being a man. S(he) raped her. In a culture where we frown and snigger at transvestites, this was gold. She was paraded through half a dozen nursing homes, and hospitals, made to strip and subjected to every atrocity known to Indians. God bless her. For a individual to go through this and survive takes nerves of steel.

Not to be undone, Fitch lowered India's credit rating and a G20 poll listed India as the 'Worst place for a woman'. Duh!
Our cops decided to play moral teachers and went on a spree raiding night clubs and discotheques. Scantily clad, half naked bodies of PYTs covering just their faces were shown on prime time television and national media. Hot news!

Pascal  Mazurier, a french consulate official, was accused by his Indian wife of raping their 3 year old daughter. What followed was many days of sensationalism and then the anti-climax- the DNA didnt match the sample on the child's private area. The last we heard was that the wife praising the husband and seeking privacy and respect for the family during this time. Well, if you ask me, lady, when you went to the press throwing about allegations, you signed off your death warrant. If you ask me, I think you are a gold-digger and you simply wanted to make sure you got a good 'deal' (aka alimony). But again, I would love to be proved wrong and I wish the guilty be punished.
Talking about child abuse, the Supreme court ruled that any kind of abuse towards children be treated differently from abuse towards adults. What took us so long to realize this? Isn't it natural to punish those to abuse children in a way that will affect them for life? I so wish my mother listened to me when I told her that a man raped me when I was just 11. But again, this is the problem with Indian parents. They simply don't know when to listen, and how to react. I am neither supporting nor accusing Mrs Pascal. But I think when her daughter first complained, she should have paid attention and brought this to the notice of the authorities then and not waited for a full year. 

Bollywood celebrated. Period.
President Pratibha Patil in a final act of grace, pardoned a dead man. Thank God, the Indian prez is just a nominal figure of the constitution or we may have had to suffer the ignominy of having another 'Bush'.

And while still on the topic of elections, Eygpt got their first democratically elected president after about three decades- the Muslim Brotherhood elect -Morsi. As he steps into the shoes of Mubbarak, lets hope he leads the most populous African nation into prosperity.

Here's to a great July!
Hic Hic Hurray!

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