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Friday, July 15, 2011

when Sh!t hits the fan

Not a pretty picture.

But 24 hours after Mumbai 'rocked' again, our great nation is going through a regular cycle of blame game.
After all, its so easy to blame rather than to be the change.

Our News channels have got the fodder for the next couple of weeks. Nay, days. Because there is going to be a multi-billion dollar scam next week. And no, I dont have any insider knowledge but just the sickening feeling of deja vu.

Our politicians will visit the sites/hospitals/cities. The opposition will blame the ruling party for the nth fucking time for all the bullshit. The PM will blame the CM. Someone will quit. The Home Minister will announce rewards and declare to bring the guilty to book. Investigations will be launched with much sober fanfare. The government will shamelessly promise (and we will be definitely believe) that this will be the last time we are attacked. Theories will arise. And in the meanwhile, Kasab will continue to live in relative luxury and safety. Any wonder why the Americans shot Bin Laden and dumped him in the ocean?

And We, will hold candle light vigils, marches and strikes. We will raise signature campaigns and generally make some noise for the next few weeks. Nay days. We will also blame the government for not taking care of us, for not catching the crooks, for not babysitting us. In the meanwhile, we will remain mute spectators to murders that happen right infront of our fucking eyes.

Our cowardice can no longer be sugar coated and called resilience.
Most people in the south are less concerned about and perhaps not worried about terrorist attacks. Which is probably why most people that I know are not bothered. Many rather worry about their fitness and their cities' infrastructure. Terrorism has not struck Bangalore the way it has gripped Mumbai. Tamil Nadu has not been bothered with terrorism since the last assasination. Kerala? Well, half of them don't stay there anymore. So who cares. Andhra is more bothered about dividing itself like a asexual microorganism than anything else.

Dear Mr Faceless/Heartless Terrorist,

Why are you ignoring us in the South?
Don't you like us? Don't you hate us?

Please try to bomb at-least one of the busy cities in the South so that fear really grips the nation totally and completely.
We have busy malls and busier roads.
We have airports that are not secured at all.
Infact, our temples are more secure than our businesses.
We have politicians who are impotent, er incompetent.
We have big big MNC companies who generate India's wealth and keep all of us too busy to bother about fighting you.

Please, please don't ignore us. Please come to our cities and bomb us too.
Yours Truely

A concerned but not so worried South Indian

Fuck resilience. The need of the hour (and probably every single hour of every single day of every single year) is prudence and vigilance. We need to do whatever it takes to clean the shit all over.

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