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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Old and Dying [224/365]

Myth: In your sunset years, you will die peacefully in your sleep.
Myth busted: Only if you are lucky.

In the latest of a series of gruesome homicides that will shock seniors, a senior couple who had no children was murdered in one of the more upscale residential part of Bangalore.

What went wrong?

As Indians, we are very cautious. It is something that we are taught from the moment we start framing our first sentences.
We are told not to trust strangers. We are taught to choose a degree that will give us and our future family security and comfort.
We then marry so that we are safe and taken care of when we grow old together.
We are taught to look for and live in a safe locality.We dodge the many bullets of a competitive society and if we are lucky, we get old and stay healthy.
And if you are really lucky, then you'll when your time is up.

Somethings amiss here. Their time was not up. 
A society that valued it's seniors in a city that was once known as the 'pensioner's paradise' is now sending shivers down our collective consciousness. Some say this is a copycat murder trying to imitate a recent movie while some are saying this was a murder for gain. Others might say these are the signs of a growing metro.

Whatever the reasoning, homicides this gruesome cannot be good for any of us.

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