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Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Same Same [248/365]

'Get your kidney in place', a popular phrase that meant 'Get your mind right'.
Source: TOI

Today, our glorious Union Health Ministry decided to do a Sherlyn Chopra and draft a law that says you will need to prove you shared a kitchen before you can donate/gift that organ.

And I wondered aloud. Where do we get these people from?
The article read and I quote 'You may have to prove that the recipient and you have been staying together and sharing the same kitchen for 10 years or more. You have to also provide 'old photographs showing the donor and recipient together'. Now laugh.

Absurd as it sounds, I think the folks at the Union Ministry were just trying to grab some headlines. Our government 'babus' after all have a penchant of making absurd laws and weird proclamations. But if they thought they were truly making a earth-shattering positive change to the already complicated organ donor laws, I think they are truly out of touch with reality. In a nation where millions die while they wait for an organ, the priority should be on awareness.
Awareness of their rights under the law.
While the absurd 'kitchen-sharing' law has been dropped since but it has also opened ourselves up for ridicule at a time when we should be taken seriously.

Like many things governmental, organ donors are treated with suspicion. Removing this stigma, the government must educate its citizens. What we need is not more archaic laws, but compassion and action. Not another No Objection Certificate that you will probably be able to pay and buy in the near future but assistance when it matters the most.

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