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Monday, November 05, 2012

The Forever War [310/365]

This picture spoke a thousand words..
When the Arab world erupted in civil activism aimed at toppling corrupt dictators, optimists (including me) across the world thought they were experiencing an Arab version of the French Revolution.
Eighteen months down, Egypt has another radical dictator in place, Libya is best left unsaid, Tunisia is in doldrums, Bahrain is .. well not spoken of anymore at dinner tables and world conferences and Syria is still nowhere.

As if all this fighting wasn't enough, we now have Israel and Palestine fighting with each-other. It looks like our optimists spoke too soon.

After many months of civil unrest, peace has eluded Syria. Thousands have died. Tourism too.
Millions of dollars worth of weapons have changed hands and billions have been destroyed.
What are the rebels fighting for? If it is peace and justice that they are looking for, it would be safe to say that neither is coming.
Global super-cop- Uncle Sam, is cautious about stepping into another cesspool of Arab discontent after the fiasco of the recent years. With tensions spilling over to neighboring countries, this conflict appears to be growing like a pustule out of control.

The Arabs have always been touchy about freedom. Yet, they have been unable to respect their neighbor's boundaries and sovereignty.
As the conflict between Israel and Palestine grows, we know that this is not the Palestine that Israel fought a few decades ago. With an Iran that has been cornered by the West, this could be the one chance that the Iranians could use against a common enemy.

Only time will tell when and how the region would find peace. And the next recipient of the Nobel Peace prize.

In the meanwhile, I think I've understood why the Arabs and Jews are always at each others throat- Circumcision.

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