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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Caught! [262/365]

Source: Chi
The internet is a wonderful thing.
How else would you get to see the royal bum twice in two months?

First it was Harry, and now it's the turn of  Kate and William. What's with the royals?
Should the rest of the world really make a huge fuss about some pasty white flesh?

When 'Chi' and 'Closer' published 'tasteful' pictures of the Duchess and her husband in their 38 page special, I sighed.

The Royals reacted and rightly so. The Duchess and her hubby were on a private vacation. And they deserved some privacy. The paparazzi obviously crossed the line here by taking these pictures in the first place. Publishing them was provocation.
But I would blame the couple too. Knowing as how the Family have always been hounded by paparazzi's, common sense must've prevailed when they are outside the four walls of their privileged homes, they shouldn't be indignant that they got snapped.

But in the defense of modesty supporters everywhere, No I don't think the pictures are tasteful. Only a sick demented mind with the IQ of a tadpole would think this is sexy and tasteful. The pictures do not reveal anything that most people wouldn't already know or have seen about the human body but the fact that they were comfortable in their skin. On the contrary, I think the only reason why magazines in the West tripped over themselves to buy was because the Royals reacted badly to the pictures when it came out the first time.

If the Royals would have accepted the pictures and not sued the magazine as they did, I am quite sure the controversy would have died a quiet death. But ofcourse, if anything the Royals dont know how to handle sticky situations like this. They never have.
I can understand how infidelity could affect the Family but this?

Get over this, Your Highness. Surely, you've got much bigger battles to fight.

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