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Friday, August 24, 2012

The new face of plagiarism [237/365]

I can't decide if plagiarism is a good thing.
When it comes to the written word , lifting entire sentences off an authentic piece of literature is a bummer. I know tons of fellow writers whose work have been plagiarized. I also know of a few people who have shamelessly copied from good yet lesser known writers. While it takes a lot of creativity and talent to churn out a good article, it takes just good 'googling' skills to steal.

Today, US Federal courts found Samsung guilty of infringing on several of Apple's patents. Slapped with a $1billion fine, this could be a judgement that could set off some healthy precedents.
In an ideal world, creativity would flow. No one would need to copy ideas and we would have empty prisons. But in a less than flawed world, what Samsung did was sheer stupidity.
If blatantly copying the designs was not enough, it slapped a tit for tat lawsuit against Apple.
The courts ruled that Apple owes Samsung $0.

$1billion is a lot of money for ordinary folks like us. But for the Most Valued company, this is a merely a drop in the bucket. While Apple is no saint, it is no victim either. Over the past several years, it has tried throttling the competition (read Google and Microsoft) in as many ingenious ways as it could do. Its environmental and labor practices are corporate examples of capitalistic greed.

In a world where the lines between what is rightfully creative and deceptively stolen is often blurred, this judgement is a whiff of fresh air. In a day that looked like Apple couldn't go wrong, Samsung deserved to be punished.

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