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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Creative Visualization - la Troisième Partie [73/365]

Poetic License. The fine line that divides the truly exquisite from the despicably crass.
While some commercials in the past have pushed the envelope, many have have stretched imagination beyond fantasy.

One of the smoothest commercials on tv and my personal favorite is the extremely slick Axis Bank advt.
I would rate this advt as one of the more creative among all the advts the bank has had over the past and has a good flow about it. Has a certain panache and a vibe about it.
My Rating: 9

Vodafone has always been very creative with their advts. While they hit the right chords with the ZooZoo, and the absolutely adorable pug, the advts on TV now are threading a thin line. Vodafone, in a series of advts show how a two young teenagers get to meet each other, going through to a phase where they cant get enough of each other.
While some of these advts have rankled the child welfare activists. The supporters, on the other hand think the advts are really cute and adorable.
Now, I think the first advt where they meet are a stretch of imagination but really cute. The second one, where the girl cycles past the boy's home to grab his attention, is edgy. We know the cute young kids are falling in love with each other but the third advt where the pug barks at a man who could not even hurt a fly just so that the two can enjoy a private moment with eachother is positively disturbing. Talk about pushing the envelope here. The ad agency has crossed the threshold with such a risque advt.
My Rating: 5

Another advt that is bordering on being disturbing is that of Aditya Birla's Idea cellular service's latest grouse for using it's 3G service. But really?! However gruesome the crime and thoughtless the perpetrator, are we supposed to inflict mob justice? For some reason I find Idea's idea of trial by media a sheer mockery of the judicial system. I'm surprised no one has signed a petition to ban it yet.
My Rating: 5

One of the most creative Idea! advts ever. Looks like it was just a flash in the pan.

And while we are talking about banning advertisements, it is about time we pull the mask off the Vendanta's 'Creating Happiness'.
One of those instances where huge corporations based offshore go about plundering the natural resources of a country, make an advt extolling its virtues and philanthropy. Bravo, Well done! Now, sign the petition here.
My Rating: 2

Happy Watching, everybody!

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What the hell do the Ratings mean:
0-4  : Not worth your presence in the same zip code as the TV
5-6  : Err... the advt is pretty, but I hate the concept/product
7-10: 'Drop-the-dishes, stop-the-sex, jaw-dropping, that-is-incredible' 15 seconds of TV

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