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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Ghosts of politicians past [87/365]

Political assassins are an interesting bunch of killers.
While society abhors the different, there are a few that  romanticizes the bad boys.

Balwant Singh Rajoana, former cop, recent celebrity and assassin of former Chief Minister of the northern Indian state of Punjab.
More than 15 years after he killed the politician, he has suddenly become the most favorite bad boy of sardar-land. Heck, he even got an award or two!
When the special court sentenced him to death, sikh organizations around the state rallied and demanded that the President pardon him and save him from the gallows.
And in what resembled a blinking match with courage the cowardly dog, the radicals won. The government stayed the execution, at-least for now. (Read the 'to die for' story here)

His reason for killing another human being apart, this case has a lot of significance in telling us how a country that started out secular has now shriveled into 'something' that is ruled by a motley bunch of unintelligent people with absolutely no will of their own.
Human rights activists and opponents of the capital punishment will forever harp on how we need to forgive and forget the bad sheep amongst us. But the next guy that slams into one of their SUVs will bite the dust.

Something that Balwant said struck me. He mentioned how he was filled with contempt at some of the people campaigning for his clemency and observed that most of them probably don't really care about him anyway.
He spoke correct.
They don't care.
Infact, most of us don't.

Most of the people campaigning for him are probably doing it with a hidden agenda. To measure the bargaining power that Sikhs as a community possess in a democracy like ours.
And for now, it looks like we yield as much clout as Ms Banerjee does.
The battle has been won, but the war is far from over.
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