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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Running on Empty [348/365]

Now, I've consciously stayed away from (watching) commenting on the state of the Indian Cricket team. But with the way the World Champions have been playing lately, I am compelled to write about it.

What the hell is wrong with you guys?
Could someone please help me understand why Dhoni makes the decisions that he does?
Why are the selectors still depending on relics like Sachin, who should ideally be relaxing in his jammies somewhere in the Caribbeans, to win a game?
Where is Poonam Pandhey and why isn't she offering to strip?

With the suspiciously easy way we have been losing to teams both outside and inside India, unless we have Mr Powar at the helm I doubt if we will ever get to the quarterfinals in the next World Cup.
Progressive sporting societies like Australia, Europe and the US have consistently groomed the next generation and encouraged the seniors to contribute, grow and move on.
I can't imagine an Australian or an American sportsperson way past his/her prime clinging on to their sport. Athletes that don't perform are sidelined so that newer talent can nurture. India can be the only country in the world where someone as inconsistent as Harbhajan can survive.

While the moolah is there for all to see, the current spate of humiliating defeats should ring alarm bells to all who matter. The harvest is rich but with the kind of nepotism prevalent at the grassroots, I doubt if we will get to see real talent anytime soon.

There's no winning streak here. Brace yourselves for we are about to run out of ideas. Soon.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Selective Patriotism [265/365]

Huang Shih-ting.
Female. 23 years old. Model.
A few months ago, she was still struggling to make ends meet.

But today, if you'd google her name you'll find dozens of half naked pictures of her 'trying' to show as much as possible without really teaching us anything new.

Ms Shih-tang shed her clothes in protest against the decision of the London Olympic organizing committee to remove Chinese and Taiwanese flags. from the venue. She remedied it by using the Taiwanese flags to cover two strategic locations. Ms Shih-tang was obviously inspired by her Indian and South American compatriots. Now, why didn't Poonam think of wrapping herself up with the Tricolour?

In one of the pictures, the good model is standing buck-naked on the flag of the very country she is 'fighting' for. Thank God she is not in India. Here businessmen are taken to court for hoisting the flag in their companies.
But maybe she did make a point- the Taiwanese flag didn't deserve to be up with the rest of the world but covering 'mosquito-bites', her crotch and under her feet.

But then like I rightly said, this won't be the last time a bimbo will strip for her nation. Perhaps we must abandon all other methods of protests. Stripping is the most non-violent way and is easy on the eyes too. After all, it does get everyone what they want- Hare-brained bimbos, their 13 minutes of YouTube videos; Men, with the necessary titillation.

Seeing how bandhs and hartals are not accomplishing anything anymore, a more effective way of protest would be to have Poonam to upload a video of her taking bath in diesel in protest of the recent hike in diesel prices. And Sherlyn.. er never mind. We'll get to see her in Playboy this November. 

Mallika, I hear has demanded 100 bodyguards after seeing this video.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Problems? What Problem? No Problem

'We don't need no education
We don't need no thought control...'
....goes the Pink Floyd song.
It looks like we are a bunch of people who are resistant to instruction, allergic to change, susceptible to greed and mute to corruption.

BS Yeddyurappa, fondly called Yeddy, is the most recent victim to an era of incredibly corrupt politicians.

While it seems like we as a nation are poor, our politicians are in the super wealthy league. How?!
While his political party is fighting the government on serious allegations of graft and nepotism, Yeddy's ouster couldn't have come at a worse hour.

Caught with its hand in the cookie jar, the national political party just proved yet again on what is wrong with the nation's politics.

Why must an tainted minister get to choose who his successor should be?
How does he think he can even justify himself?
Why must we even encourage such rhetoric?
While it is true that you are innocent until proven guilty, how can we let a minister(s) go with just a rap on the knuckles, when presented with such overwhelming evidence of plunder?

All said and much done, I must admit I am vaguely beginning to love and loathe the way our politicians manipulate the lost sheep (aka followers).
Desperately trying to cling on to power and make the most out of his last week in power, Yeddy tried (unsuccessfully) to appoint his cronies to Law enforcement so that when and if he is tried in a competent court of law, he can surely count on the support of some familiar faces and hands.
A simple case of 'You scratch my back, I'll scratch your back' Later.

All the billions of dollars that could have been otherwise used for the good of the people have been siphoned off to offshore tax havens never to be ever seen again.

I wonder why we even waste any more time investigating any of them, since chances are:
a) The investigating agency/officer will not find any real evidence to prosecute the culprits.
b) Money trails are hard to trace.
c) The culprits will almost definitely buy the investigators/witnesses off. With the sheer volume of money at stake, greasing the palms of a few more people will hardly cost the culprits anything.
d) If the track record of our investigative agencies are anything to go by, chances are nearly all of them will be back in power before we can even say 'Guilty'.
e) Public memory is short. We will crib and rant about this only until the next thousand crore scam hits the fan.
Somewhere in Bangalore and some other obscure parts of Karnataka hundreds of politicians are now gathered scheming, plotting, fretting, fraternizing, deliberating, celebrating.
Like veteran magicians, they are plundering our land while they distract us with grand histrionics. 

But on the brighter side, shame on you Poonam Pandey, even Yeddyurappa kept his words and finally resigned.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Born naked. Living Horny

Making her Parents mighty proud!
Two Weeks ago, a nondescript model googled herself (like many other self obsessed nincompoops do) only to find that she is not what she thought she was- Famous.

That's when in a bolt of creative (or absolutely mundane) thought inspired her to announce to India and the world about her plans to strip for the Indian Cricket team if they win the World Cup.

Well, Poonam Pandey, Bravo! Well done. How inspiring! How original! How so Indian!

Well, the Indian team may have had women who would've been a guzillion times hotter, smarter strip and do other favors for them (in private) a thousand times already.

So they could have clearly not fallen for this. But a billion other men in India and some thousands around the world would have salivated at the tantalizing thought! They may have already made plans to watch it in YouTube and Torrents!

However, as fate would have it India did win the World Cup. Not for the country but for Sachin. But nonetheless, we won. Fair and square.

'Where the hell is Poonam Pandey?' The day after, FB was ablaze. All those elaborate plans to watch the smuggled clips of a naked lady gone down the drain. If there ever was a dampener to all the excitement, her no show was it.

You got your 15 minutes or more, of fame. But few pivotal questions, Ms Pandey.

How did you imagine our Cricket team needed a certain B grade Calender girl like you to strip to perform?
If Cricket was your passion, why didn't you strip in the last World Cups?
And finally, any reason why you chose Cricket and not Tennis? Where incidentally, Leander and Mahesh did win their Doubles and is placed World number 1. Well, they played for India and not for themselves or each other.

In a country where Cricket and Bollywood unite people in a way where religion and a million plus gods couldn't, you, Ms Pandey said the right thing. Or like the locals would say; "Ekdum first class choice"

But little did you know we would win and you'd have to make lame ass excuses to why you wouldn't want to strip. Smart move.

Well, it is easy to bet against a team when the team has been performing badly for decades. She never knew India would win, after all they hadn't won in decades. PP didn't expect India to win either.

We won! And in the first few hours after we won, none of us thought of you. None of us even remembered you. It was our victory and our moment in glory. We partied, we danced and we savored our win.
While you went into hiding and wished you could've turned back time.
But you've earned a nation's contempt and a million dollars worth of PR for free.

2 weeks on, you are still giving us reasons why you said you'll strip and (indirectly) how it is your birth right. So you were born nude. So you've made the men (with the exception of a few) of an entire nation drool and the women cringe in pity at your PR stunt. But you'll forever go down in history as the first (probably not the last) bimbo who promised to strip and never showed up.

Nudity is not vulgarity, says Ms PeePee.
Thats only if you're shedding it for your husband/boyfriend or in your case, a Producer/Director.

Bring It On.

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