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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Good job, folks! [292/365]

Rapists have been really busy in the past week.
On the heels of news of an alleged gang-rape, comes another incident of a gang of men who barged into the house of women who worked as bar-girls in Bangalore. As if the piling mounts of garbage was not raising stink enough, we are now getting the monikor of the Rape capital of the South.

Now, normally I would be outraged that women are still getting raped but I reserve my comments here. I hate to be the party-popper but when I was dating, we never ever went anywhere I thought was remotely unsafe for my girlfriend.
The guy in this case had only met the girl a few weeks earlier and they were already going on 'jolly rides'? WOW!
And what were they doing in a deserted area that is a designated forest at that time of the night? Not picking daisies, I hope.
What kind of a boyfriend would leave his girl in the hands of their abductors alone?
The girl had barely any physical wound on her body. Remarkable because- the spot where she says she was raped had broken glass pieces and thorns strewn all over. No trace of semen or sexual injury on her privates. So either the girl had an incredible resilient body that was puncture/injury proof or she was raped while she was suspended in the air by bunch of men who wore condoms and 'did it' gently. Ripley's Believe it or Not!
The victim also reported that her attackers returned all the loot that her boyfriend handed over, helped her climb over a 7 ft wall, and also gave her some auto fare (Rs10?!) to reach her hostel.
I know what you're thinking. What kinda disrepute are they trying to bring to rapists? This is going to set an unhealthy precedent to rapists everywhere. 

So while I was still pondering on the repercussion this incident could have on our society, I read another ghastly article in the news.
Mothers pushing their daughters to prostitution is not new. We've had such shining examples in this blog already, but this was positively ghastly.
I know parents who won't let their daughters step out after 6pm because they fear she won't be able to fend off rapes. But these daughters grow up to become mothers who won't know how to equip their children with the tools to defend themselves in an age when women are expected to be as progressive as men. The parents don't expect their sons to turn into sexual predators so it's okay to be out late night, party and have girl friends. 

While I won't call myself a women's rights activist, I find it amusing that men feel threatened by a confident woman. But weak women have made rapes a wonderful way to settle scores. In the NLSUI student's allegation of gang-rape, there is a strong possibility that the woman just wanted to get the men in trouble and not the other way round.
Pascal, our favorite Frenchman was let out on bail after his wife's change-a-day testimonies and inconclusive medical reports exohonarated him. But I recall how the media pounced on the news as soon as it broke out. The wife was portrayed as the model for all mothers everywhere. While we still don't know the truth of what really happened at the home that day, we do know that Pascal never raped the child. So then, who did it?

In India, you are held guilty the moment you are accused. We won't let the justice system work because we are the judge, the jury and the executioner.

Friday, August 05, 2011

Sex, Lies and Deception

my take:
Thoroughly surprised how the chief of the police, chose to justify prostitution and sex trafficking as a necessary tool to control the urges of the frustrated Indian male, who in his words would otherwise choose to rape and mollest the modesty of 'good' women. 
Who in this damned world gave him the right to label women?

Nonetheless, though this video does not show anything that we already don't know, we do see the nexus between the cops, the politicians and sex traffickers at work here.

Let's face it, trafficking is a epidemic of epic proportions and we are not bothered. Well, not until someone dear and near to you got trapped in it.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mums' the word

Two days after the planet celebrated 'Mother's Day', DNA had a headline that made me throw up: 'Woman sells 12 year old daughter to pay off debts'.
Besides the initial feelings of disgust what rushed to my mind was this could be an Indian woman. In-sensitized to the almost daily flood of female infanticide and sexual assaults, Indian readers are emotionally anesthetized to headlines like this.

What shocked me was the news report
It described in detail, how the Australian mother sold her 12 year old daughter to over 100 men so that she could pay off her home loan and buy two luxury cars.
The law took its course and unlike in India where a case like this would have been sensationalized with masala mixed 'stories' will probably give the Mother, a life sentence.
What surprises me is the meticulous and completely heartless planning that went into this.

When the 41 year old mother decided to prostitute her daughter, what was she thinking?
Better sense and all that defines a woman had to take a backseat when she went on to rent a hotel room and bought 2 packs of condom and set the price of a 'session'.

She obviously isn't the first one and will definitely not be the last human that will shock and outrage our public consciousness. We will continue to have fathers who will rape and father their daughter's own children and mothers who will use their daughters and sons for economic and sexual gains.

Our world, a tiny pixel in the vast unexplored expanse of Universe, is home to amazing contrasts.
While we have such glowing examples of self sacrifice and unconditional love and emotional bonding, we also have monsters like this unnamed Mom.

Behind all the headlines, I would love to know how the mother justified her actions.
After the 'sale' was over, I am curious to know what the mother did when the daughter was 'back'?
What did the mother think when she bought the luxury cars for herself?
I wonder what the victim is going through?
What did the 12 year old girl think when she was being systematically raped for over 2 weeks? And worse still, that girl will live with devastating diseases she had no way to prevent.
What will she think about Mothers on Mother's Day?

In Proverbs 31, we see God's definition of a virtuous woman. Obviously, our mother here is an epic fail when it comes to virtue.
How could a parent who is supposed to be the guardians of their children, turn into Monsters that cannibalize on their children's lives.

I have had wonderful parents but have known a dear friend of mine whose mom allowed her husband to rape her.
What became of her is she turned out into this shell of a woman who lost all confidence in herself, became obsessed about getting approval on anything she did, could not hold down a job and struggled with trichotillomania.

We are not born monsters, but we loose sight of our divine goal.
It is said Man is the only creature on earth that can worry. With parents like these, is there any wonder why we don't enjoy eternal peace.

Greed begets Evil.
Or is it the other way around?
Either way, the real issue here is how an entire lifetime of a girl who probably didnt even know how human reproduction worked, has been damaged irreparably.

I have been a strong believer that chastity and virtue are 2 things that we have all the right to choose.
We might be living in poverty but we can still hold on to our chastity as our greatest treasure.

Prostitution, being the oldest profession in world has its greatest advocates and critics, but no logic any critic could conjure could defend a parent who allow their children's bodies to be used lecherous men or themselves.

As for this particular mother, she will probably spent the rest of her natural life behind bars and far away from the home and the cars that she paid for.
But we still fail to set a deterrent to future predators.
An oxymoron in itself, monster mothers and lecherous dads must be socially ostracized in the fullest extent.

Families should be the last place a child should feel threatened and insecure.
Its not about today, but about their tomorrows and the days after.

When will we be wake up from being politically right and just cut the crap?

Happy Mother's Day!

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