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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Second rate Citizens and loyal Soldiers [77/365]

'Back to the Barracks'
History has been repeated and Didi did get the head of Dinesh Trivedi on a platter.
And I have been proven right and wrong.
Right because I've always believed that Indian politicians are puppets at the hands of their masters/mistresses.
Wrong because I thought Mr Turban puppet and his Handler would keep their foot down and not in their mouths for a change. (Read how I predicted here)

Isn't it curious that she is going to replace him with another crony who will be her puppet number two. Let's hope this is a lesson for the replacement to not cross paths with Didi.
On his way out, Dinesh did manage to justify his flip flop as what a 'loyal soldier' would do. He rightly expressed his worry about 'passenger safety'. (Read the shameless story here)

Rail passenger safety has never been a priority for the government. Infact baring multi billion dollar defense deals, safety and security has never been a priority for the Indian government. And if Dinesh believes his colleagues, compatriots and fellow soldiers are suddenly going to change this just because he said so, then Trivedi is either an incredibly immature politician or equally naive.

But sacrifice apart, I think Dinesh did make a smart move. Knowing how the UPA-2 is not going to win any elections this time, staying with a ship that is about to sink is foolish. But bailing out what could appear as being faithful to your master will earn him brownie points that he will need so that he can return to rule when a change of guard happens in about a year from now.

In the meanwhile, and by the time many read this, a rollback would have already happened. The Union will get disgruntled because an increase will not come and corners will be cut.
Passengers can go to hell. Literally and otherwise.

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