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Sunday, December 23, 2012

When god stepped down [358/365]

Okay, I'll make a confession-
When Sachin announced his retirement from International one-dayers, I thought to myself 'Good Riddance'.

You have to admit that he is no longer the Fastest Indian between the pitches. It appeared like his foot was set in concrete when he could barely play a stroke but then Indian cricket fans are quick to forgive.

About 200 days ago, when he scored his 100th ton, he dismissed all rumors of a retirement and we asked for divine mercy for even suggesting that to the god of Indian cricket.
He seemed invincible.

For a cricketer way past his expiry date, we surely made sure that we squeezed every bit off him. Our cricket administrators in the time-tested tradition of politic myopia have failed to groom and induct younger and more talented youngsters and we are back to our loosing ways.

Everybody loves to throw their dirty underwear at poor ol' Dhoni, who is now doing the rounds of every known shrine in India in search for answers.

As a nation, we have very poor skills in estimating and preparing for major sporting events.
2012 has been a bad year of attrition for Indian Cricket and the damage has been done.

So what's ahead for Indian Cricket?
Difficult to say. With Sachin on the rolls, it appeared that our team was always playing for him. They always wanted him to get another ton, another milestone before he hangs up his boots. His retirement could actually be exactly what Indian cricket needs right now.

Dhoni, your moment is waiting.

With the below par results our team has shown at recent matches, I doubt if we'll even get to the quarter-finals at the next ICC World Cup.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My Ton [100/365]

100th post!
Never thought this day will come. If I was Sachin, I would have called the media, signed on a couple more corporations and declared that I have no intention of retiring any time soon. How dare you ask me to retire?

But I am not Sachin. So I'll let this achievement fade away.
How hard is it to write one post a day?
Pretty hard, if you ask my Wife. She had to suffer many many hours away from me, because I simply can't write with so much distraction. And if you're going to ask if I meant my lovely wife was a distraction, I'll deny I said any of that. I'll do a Pakistan on you and ask you for a dossier to substantiate your allegation.

That said, I love writing. Given a day, an entire day that is, with easily accessible food and plenty of water and a clean bathroom, and maybe a laptop charger and TV with some good shows, I'd be as happy as a puppy. Not the ones that are new born, but the ones that are a few months old.

So I've managed to write one post a day for the past 100 days.
And I'd like to thank all the poops er, peeps who stopped by to read. And I know of a few who had their hands inside their pants when they were in my blog too. I've got your IP Addresses and I'll be sending you a 'care package' very soon.

But for the others who didn't entertain themselves but let me do it for you, thank you.
I owe you. Not too much but just enough.
I'd also like to thank all my high school teachers, for making me literate. It was not a wasted effort. Thank you.
I'd like to thank my parents. The roots are really deep.
I'd like to thank spell check for working the way it did. God bless you.
I'd like to thank the porn industry. We couldn't have been entertained any better if it there wasn't porn. Trust me.
I'd like to thank our poly-tick-sons. You give me fodder for thought.
I'd like to thank... er. actually, I am all out of people to thank.

Thank you for coming. Now, get lost.

Friday, March 09, 2012

The Wall [68/365]

Today, The Wall retired from Tests and domestic cricket.

As is customary, cricket crazy Indians and lunatics rushed to convince him to stay and when that failed, bid Rahul Dravid farewell.
Good Riddance, many would've thought.

Being a cricket neutral person myself, I am neither disheartened nor excited.
Having seen him play for the 15 years that I've been in India, I can say I liked the guy. I've never seen him burst in unruly emotions and I've always thought of him as one of those cricketers who can be called gentlemen playing a game that was gentlemanly. A dying breed of sportsmen who always measured his words before he spoke, he is like that good team player who works with you for many years, never complaining, never playing to the gallery, always well mannered, well intentioned and a good performer too. And when that person puts his papers down, you have that massive rush of emotions surging within you. You want to hug him, beg him not to leave but wish him the best and plead that he keeps in touch. Within you, you know that you'll miss him like crazy and that the team will never be the same without him. You may never have spoken much while he was still there but you suddenly feel a kindred spirit.

That's what I felt.
The lunatics would have cursed him when he didn't score a run, get a wicket or field that ball. They would have branded him a traitor and called him a Son of a B*&%#@ for not winning the game, but today, they were all hugging him and telling him how they are going to miss him.

Even though I am not a buff, I can still say that what he did was right. Maybe a little delayed even.
Hockey, our national game, isn't much to write home about. Cricket is destined to go that way if the seniors and the powers that be don't cultivate a breed of young players that will play better cricket and lesser commercials.
With the state of Indian cricket the way it is today, we risk another threat from Ms PP

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