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Sunday, May 06, 2012

GuestSpeak: Presidential Comedy

The Hindu dated 5th May 2012 carried a very curious cartoon in its Editorial Page today. The Cartoon featured an elite art camp with our dear leaders both from let right and everywhere in between teasing their right brain. They were trying out impressions of a statue that was wrapped up in a white cloth. So what significance would this cartoon draw, none! Had it not been given the caption “The president”. The cartoon vividly describes the nation’s political debauch!
source: The Hindu

We live in a very dangerous political environment. Before us lies the reality of a politics that is quintessentially ‘spine-less’ in nature, where decision making means compromising everything to maintain power and policy making is preserving the interests of the politicians and never that of the nation. I don’t know whether there can be a better mockery of democracy than the present selection criteria and methodology of the election of a president in India. Our selection process is baseless, bountiful of covertness and a mockery of the enterprise of democracy.

Our political parties place a puppet in the ultimate chair of power in India, every time carefully selecting the most non-responsive, least active person to command our armed forces. There have been exceptions and in the initial years this method has produced some of the finest leaders in India’s history but the times are different now. Then there was a sense of nation willingness and patriotism was abundant in supply, we just won independence, we just achieved freedom remember? Some of the finest men who were instrumental in our struggle for freedom later took to the helm of India and all were just fine, But as India progressed it stated to forget it’s on past and ‘moved on’ and in the hurry to be a world power it has forgot its value and it’s rulers has succumbed to the ill effects of power.

We live In the times of coalition reality where public good takes a back seat and the ensuring that the coalition remains a coalition is considered the first priority in today’s politics. To please each one they do something slanderous and our presidential election is no different. I believe that we should follow the way presidential elections go in US where the people have a higher role to play. Its time our presidential elections stop happening in the citadels of power and come down to the ‘amm aadmi’. The revival of Indian politics would take time and a whole lot of will power; I doubt that there is any sign of such a drastic change in the foreseeable future for now. India has been forever the flag bearer for democracy and in order to remain like that we need to act urgently to resolve any institutions that could possibly be driving it away.

Written for 'Hold the Thought, Get the Point' by our guest blogger Rupertt Wind.
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Sunday, April 29, 2012

GuestSpeak: An Italian Job

‘Enrique Lexie’ is a name that we are very familiar with, the Italian oil tanker whose marines shot a couple of Indian fisherman. The fate of the marines who are currently in  prison in Kerala are not one that is to be worried about, they are being treated well by our ‘foreign’ obsessed police force and the judicial verdict taken care by our money driven advocates and prosecution.

The recent high court comment was worth notice; it opened its sentence with a precise remark. “Money made them forget everything” pointed out the court in the wake of dismissal of charges by the accuser after getting a very fat check. The high court is absolutely in the right in demanding a large sum from them for making a mockery of the Indian Judicial system and wasting its time. I would say it could have considered a few divorce petitions in this time and it could have been of a greater worth than this
pointless exercise.

For a recap, this is the unfolding of the drama in a nutshell. On the 2nd of March, Italian Marines placed abroad the Italian oil tanker “Enrique Lexie” shot at an Indian fishing boat killing two of the fishermen hailing from Kerala in India. The state government of Kerala was swift, the made the ship anchor of coast and arrested the two Italian marines responsible. The incident attracted international fame or at-least the attention of Italy, Italy was quick in response sending in their Minister and ambassador to India to handle the situation. But till a week ago it looked as if the perpetrators of this horrible crime would get the rightful punishment and justice would be served to families of the deceased.

But things took a downward turn when the SAC of India came out with a statement that baffled everyone, He said that the ship was outside the Indian Jurisdiction and India had no right what so ever to try the ones who killed two Indians in cold blood. This reckless single statement literally nullified all progress the prosecution has made in the case that already by reached the Supreme Court. The case still persisted due to the will of some of the parties involved But Italy was smart enough. They offered the families an offer they could not refuse, a cheque of Rupees 1 crore each, something that could set them
for life and just as we know it they accepted. I don’t know whether I could blame them? Rupees 1 crore is a large sum especially for a fisherman and his family.

The Italians did a real good job. The fact remains that the Italian marines are going to walk away as free as they ever have been, but the question poses a greater question before us, Does as the rest of the world say both in private and public that, Does Indian’s really have a price tag?

Written for 'Hold the Thought, Get the Point' by our guest blogger Rupertt Wind.
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Sunday, April 22, 2012

GuestSpeak: The French way forward

The elections are all set to culminate in France and all minds are wondering who would come to rile the nation ones ruled by the likes of Napoleon Bonaparte. The superficial ends there, but subtle realities present itself in the minds of its citizens with shocking bareness. The country is not in its best times, may not be its worst of times, with no Hitler to run over them and no external threads from its old enemy and new friend Britain, it’s not their worst times they have more serious problems troubling them unlike having a child at the throne this time its way more serious.

The French economy has not done much progress in the last decade; instead it was decadence that one would see in the socio-economic climate of the nation, its apathetic growth rate, the absence of virtually any trade, a utter lack of competition in the world export market, the swindling public deficits. The New France is much more inward looking, much more concerned with its own problems than its former time and rightfully so.  The nation who politics was once influenced by the factors outside its borders, like the al Qaeda, the Iraq and so can no longer afford to be ignorant of the burning in its own stomach. The New France is a narcissist. 

This electoral campaign has been wildly influenced by ideas relating to and limited to ‘French’ only, in fact a populist candidate has promised its youth all the wonderful things under the sun, if it opts to quit the euro zone, drive away its foreigners and do away with the Wall Street. This is a dramatic reversal from what the French elections were fought on the previous years and it’s very worrying.

The contending parties are as always The Conservatives and the Socialists, and the result of this election with hang in a delicate balance and far beyond the realm of predictability will have far reaching repercussions both inside and outside the nation of France or even Europe. The French is us unpredictable as it can get, after all, all of them have a spirit of revolution in their blood and it has to come out some time or the other.  It may be the same as in 1981 when France rejected the paths set by Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan only to return to it in two years’ time. With this time be any different, only time will tell.

Written for 'Hold the Thought, Get the Point' by our guest blogger Rupertt Wind.
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Sunday, April 08, 2012

GuestSpeak: Di De

When it comes to India the third largest political party can arguably be the Communist Party of India and people of similar Ideology. But the strange thing is that in a large country such as India they only seemed to have found some place to stand in three of its constituencies. And I don’t think many will disapprove of me when I say that Bengal was their bastion up until recently when they lost it to Trinamool Congress badly.

I admire the woman- Mamata Banerjee, Though sometimes she can be as arrogant as a duchess she does have a rapport with the crowd. The one bold thing she did recently is the elimination of Marxist ideology and references to Karl Marx from the state run syllabus. I am pretty sure in the long ---- years the communist party have single-handedly administrated this region managed to fill in the text books with abundance of information about Karl Marx and his ideologies.

But then again there is a catch; there is always a catch, a point of perfect balance that has to be attained. A sort of line in the path of action, something that differentiates vandalism from wisdom. The question is, Do you really want to delete it all away after all? Karl Marx and communism has played a definite and significant role in the cultural and life of the Bengalis. It’s a part and way of life and hence a significant part of their life. Karl Marx was a great ideologist and his ideas are worth spreading but it should at no point become an advertisement for a political party. There you should draw the line.

What concerns me is not that she has taken the bolder stance but whether she wants to use the newly attained power to use the state run education system as a platform to nurture her future party workers or does she want to take the higher road and design a prolific education system that states fact for fact and aims to fulfill the promise of unbiased education.

Only time will tell what she will chose to become. A down to earth person such as she would hardly fall now and I for the betterment of all humanity do pray that she take the later choice. Education has been for long been an ad space for the political parties and a change is always welcome.

Written for 'Hold the Thought, Get the Point' by our guest blogger Rupertt Wind.
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Sunday, April 01, 2012

GuestSpeak: General V(rec)K Singh

The last couple of weeks must have been really exciting for the folks at the defense ministry; with all the action going on there they sure do not need to spend a penny on films anymore. The way our military establishment has managed to defame itself is so admirable. One day all was fine and in a span of a couple of months it’s just like any other government establishment all scam and no sense.

The drumroll started very slowly in 2011 when our beloved protagonist General Vijay Kumar Singh finally made up his mind to get his date of birth corrected. Nobody then had any idea that it was going to be so much messy then and so many people supported him. After all, all he was doing was what most people would do if there is any ambiguity about one’s date of birth and he did manage to give a rather convincing reason too. He said he had to do it because he was the leader of an army of 1 lakh men and as a leader he should have a clean and clear record and all the fallacies of it must be set straight, enviable right? But, no so now. Then there was the IMA, the courts and lot of buzz, I am pretty sure that not even the queen’s birthday celebrations got this much buzz in India. Thankfully the Supreme Court laid the matter to rest and judging by what happened afterwards Mr. Singh a bit spiteful.

But then there it did not stop, and then came the Bribe offer! Another seamless and beautiful drama unfolded in the capital with poor old A K Antony at the receiving end, a chap who has only one chink in his otherwise perfect armor. He was honest and for that he was kicked out of Kerala some years back.
He was rather emotional in his address to the house of parliament and he acknowledged the mention of such an incident. He added that the General refused to give a written complaint in that matter.
Why would he not do that? I have no idea. But this was not the end of it then came the letter, a really shocking letter from Mr. Singh to the Prime minister stating that Indian army was a very peaceful force that do not put bullets in their guns anymore, not because they don’t want to but because they don’t have any to put in the first place.

I was left wondering what kind of an army chief gives out the inadequacies of his own army. He was in the first place not supposed to send a letter directly to the Prime minister, which was a breach of protocol. But leaving all this it scares me that a person of such imbalance heads our army. Being the fourth largest army may be one thing but being led by a person such as Mr. Singh, I have my doubts. Mr. Singh is a great soldier and has proved his merit in many battles, but then a leader is not the person with the most number of medals is it?

The other great concern that this whole incident causes is the polarization of the Army and the bureaucracy. I should say I envy the creators of the constitution and the hierarchies and protocols that govern the working of the department. They and they insights have prevented what could possible develop into a military take over. The army, the air force and the navy are in the hands of three men and hence no single men has the command of the entire force at no time, neat and very wise. But I am not concerned about a mutiny in India, that’s a long shot simply because of the mindset of our society that is inherently peaceful.

It is unfortunate that this should happen and what should have been dealt in a rather mature matter is now in pieces. Only one thing is left to do clean the mess up and wrap it up. We cannot have a situation where the nation’s security lies in jeopardy. It would have been more civil had Mr. Singh retired himself just because it’s all a mess now and he is responsible for almost all of it. But he is not doing that, so we can certainly more action packed release from the entertainment house ‘The Ministry of Defense’ staring V K Singh and many more celebrities.

Written for 'Hold the Thought, Get the Point' by our guest blogger Rupertt Wind.
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