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Sunday, August 11, 2013

While you were gone: August 2013 [Part 1 of 3]

The past week, politicians felt foolish.
I said 'Go with the feeling'.

A 22 year old JNU student did a Freddy Krueger and killed himself. And that's how urban legends are born, thank you.

And it looks like one of my wishes came true! Smarting from the accounting frauds at Satyam a few years ago, the government finally signed into law The Companies Act, 2012, which makes it mandatory for companies among other things to be involved in Corporate CSR. Now, the real work should be in the details. The Act should specify who and what could be the benefactors of this largesse.

If you thought you've achieved everything in life after you've settled into that expensive new home that you will be slogging your butts off to pay the mortgages for the next 20 years, think again. This family left their home and returned to find a pile of rubble. No earthquake this. All in a day's work for land sharks and petty politicians.

Snowden settled into Russia. O said Snowden is no patriot and cancelled his meeting with Putin. How mature!
Okay, so he promised more transparency into such surveillance, but that was not what he originally said, was it? By defending his government's classified programs to monitor people and their communications, he has inadvertently eroded much of the goodwill and trust that his people and his allies had on his country. The truth could be that common Americans are either too terrified or too busy to bother. But let's face it - 20 years after the Cold War, Russia is still that speck in Uncle Sam's eye.

Iran got a new puppet. While Mr Rouhani has a lot on his plate, one thing is sure - Its all uphill from here.

Indians (the ones who didn't have much else to fight about) still fought over Durga like a bunch of hyenas. She got the support from her fellow bureaucrats.The SC spoke. Mrs G put in a word. But I think this is ironic on so many levels mainly because she is named after a Hindu goddess. Brush aside all the noise, it is clear to see how all of this is just a diversionary tactic, a sleight of hand that will cover up other scams  that happen. Khemka, anyone?

Doctors revolted. For a profession that promises to serve selflessly, I am surprised why we are even allowing them to protest.

A few years ago, when I was flying to Srilanka, a co-passenger next to me was filling up the transit form when he had to mention which port he was going to disembark at. He paused for a few seconds, and then wrote 'Airport'. Well, obviously he didn't expect to land at a seaport, or was he just referring to some of our Indian airports that become flooded? After Delhi, it was Kochi.

While some of Micromax's ads peddle the Canvas smartphones, the owners of the company are living the credo when they were caught bribing. Say it with me, folks - You Can Do Anything!

For better or worse, Yahoo has decided to shed its skin. Maybe they should set they inflated egos aside and sell themselves to Microsoft already.

And in the main byte of the week, Indian soldiers got ambushed and killed (yet again) by terrorists and men in Pakistani army clothes (WOW!).
India: 'This is unacceptable'. Pakistan shuddered.
Our Defense Minister suffered from verbal diarrhea and ended up with more spoiled fish-moilee curry than he could've imagined. The Opposition pounced on shortie like NFL players trying to block the touchdown. Antony ate humble pie. Apology accepted and everyone went home a happy man.
To the question- When are we going to grow some balls and retaliate, the answer is - When hell freezes over and decides to ban chicken tikka masala from its menu.

Our politicians are intellectually and politically impotent to strike when the iron is hot. And I have a theory (albeit a borrowed one) about why -
When a country like ours (nuclear armed yada yada) strikes first, it loses its morality and pity factor. Unlike the US, no matter how right we are we are too scared to be 'in the bad books'. Instead what we love doing is wait for our neighbors to strike us and strike us hard so that we can enjoy the outpouring of support, both financially and logistically, that our NRIs and the West are known for. Surely, a first strike will hurt but the rush of support that we will end up getting is something that our neighbors are wary of.
So as long as Pakistan fires a few thousand shells, kills a couple of soldiers here and there and doesn't wipe the Deccan Plateau clean, they know it will be okay with us.

But just in case you were wallowing in self-pity and remorse, Mr PM reminded us that we are one of 6 countries in the world that is capable of destroying other countries. Enter INS Arihant. Mr Singh finished his quota of words for the month of August and shall not speak until September. Theek Hai.

'Dawood Ibrahim is not in Pakistan'. Yeah, and I suck at English.
Hafiz Saeed wished India Eid Mubbarak in his special little way. We shuddered. Now, imagine if he actually comes marching towards Delhi.

Bad year for the Kardhashians? Actually not. Any news is good news for a lady (and siblings) whose only claim to fame is a 'leaked' sex tape and 'made for TV' marriage.

Buy your Samsung Galaxy phones while they are still around. Judging by the way, Apple has been hunting Samsung down, I think we are heading towards Armageddon. Or you could simply switch.

Chennai Express.
Couple of things are clear-
SRK is on his way out. And how!
Deepika really needed the money because I don't know why else she would still be acting.
And the makers of this movie might have really hated the pair. In the 2 plus hours that you are trapped in the theater, you are wondering what atrocity SRK and Deepika could have done to Rohit Shetty and Co. that he deliberately wanted to screw them both. And they actually smiled through the promotions?!
Deepika, let me give you the same sane advice I gave Ms Leone. Get into an acting class. Date a rising star and get married. Stop acting. It isn't working for us.
If we ever had anything like the Razzies, Chennai Express would sweep all the categories unanimously. Absolute and Total Trash. Avoid it like the bubonic plague.

Salman K became the most searched celebrity online. Take that, Poonam Pandhey.
Paying tribute to our ideals of beauty and wanton materialism, we crowned the best dressed celebrities. Take a bow!

And here's something else to chew on- Our national bird, CBI didn't break free and for good reason. Hindi is not our national language and Hockey is not our national game. Aren't we great!

'When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro'  - Hunter S. Thompson.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Creative Visualization: Parte siete [257/365]

Creative advertisements are a little like male orgasm.
You know you just need the right stimuli to get one. And before you know, you have no control over what happens next.
All you can do is wait, hope and pray that you dont end up with a dud.

Advertisements that spoof are not new. We've had Sprite mock Thumbs Up and quite successfully at that. There's something cute about spoofs. It assumes that you've already seen the 'original' and will sometimes won't make sense if you haven't. Internationally, Apple has spoofed MS and Nike, Adidas. Spoofs can be tricky too. They can misfire badly and create goodwill for the competitor instead of getting business for themselves. As Indian audiences mature our ad-men are testing the waters and the past week, I've seen two nicely done spoofs.

One for a certain brand of mobile phones and the other for a new series on television.

Samsung appears to have seemingly bottomless wallets for their ad campaigns. Some of their campaigns have been really tasteful. However, the recent 'Kya aapke pass nahi he, uncle?' ads are silly. Why would you want to sell smartphones that cost tens of thousands of rupees to college going kids who will need their parents to buy it for them? I can understand how they are trying to allure to a different demographics but can't we have an ad where we are not mocking other demographics?
About time Micromax came out with an advert that spoofed Samsung's. While Samsung extolled the features of the features of its operating system, Micromax's ad show how Samsung phones fail as an device. Though this ad will not dent the fortunes of its worthy opponent, Samsung will need to come up with better devices and more innovative ways to sell 
its phones and not the operating systems they work on.

The second spoof in this post is of an advertisement for a new hospital drama series that debuted on Star World- Grey's Anatomy. So what if our hospitals are drab and overcrowded. We still get to see how an intern in an American hospital learns to cope with work, love and life's disappointments. Great!
While Star World's ad blitzkrieg made sure you would've never missed Meredith Grey, Comedy Central released an advert that spoofed the series with an ad of it's own series - Scrubs. Remarkable well done!

Everytime I see an ad being spoofed, I secretly hope that there is a spoof of the spoof.

Laugh it Off!

Friday, August 24, 2012

The new face of plagiarism [237/365]

I can't decide if plagiarism is a good thing.
When it comes to the written word , lifting entire sentences off an authentic piece of literature is a bummer. I know tons of fellow writers whose work have been plagiarized. I also know of a few people who have shamelessly copied from good yet lesser known writers. While it takes a lot of creativity and talent to churn out a good article, it takes just good 'googling' skills to steal.

Today, US Federal courts found Samsung guilty of infringing on several of Apple's patents. Slapped with a $1billion fine, this could be a judgement that could set off some healthy precedents.
In an ideal world, creativity would flow. No one would need to copy ideas and we would have empty prisons. But in a less than flawed world, what Samsung did was sheer stupidity.
If blatantly copying the designs was not enough, it slapped a tit for tat lawsuit against Apple.
The courts ruled that Apple owes Samsung $0.

$1billion is a lot of money for ordinary folks like us. But for the Most Valued company, this is a merely a drop in the bucket. While Apple is no saint, it is no victim either. Over the past several years, it has tried throttling the competition (read Google and Microsoft) in as many ingenious ways as it could do. Its environmental and labor practices are corporate examples of capitalistic greed.

In a world where the lines between what is rightfully creative and deceptively stolen is often blurred, this judgement is a whiff of fresh air. In a day that looked like Apple couldn't go wrong, Samsung deserved to be punished.

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