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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Heartbroken [350/365]

Adam Lanza (third from right)
Yesterday, America and the world mourned in deep agony.

Adam Lanza, a 19 year old school became America's deadliest gunman. He killed 26 people, 20 of them children of various ages at the school where his mother worked as a teacher.
As details of the incident pour in, I am shocked, aghast, dismayed and anguished.

As a young boy, he was a genius. He excelled in academics, was known to be passive and meek to a point where his school staff were concerned he would be bullied or harmed by his mates.

Contrary to the John Rambo images that we've been fed, and according to staff at Sandy Hook Elementary, Adam was a very socially awkward and troubled son.
Friends recall him to be distant and shy. Adam lived with his wealthy mother, Nancy Lanza, at their colonial-style mansion where he lacked nothing money could buy.

Nancy was a survivalist and a proud owner of atleast five very powerful firearms and rifles, several of which Adam used to devastating effect yesterday.
It is said she taught her son to shoot and counseled him to respect guns. She was also preparing for the end of civilizations as we know it.

If you ask me, I think we should have all seen it coming.

I was recently surfing through my favorite list of channels on TV, when I saw a series titled: 'Doomsday preppers...' For those who were anxious about 21st Dec, 2012 being the last day for all this was an interesting show to watch. And I did.

The show reviews one family's preparedness for a time when organized civilization will crumble. Many of them believe that society will collapse due to the ongoing fiscal cliff and some of them think humans will be wiped out by an outbreak a`la Resident Evil while some others believe that we are going to have a long nuclear winter.
We are introduced to the families and individuals who call themselves a doomsday prepper and their convincing theories of why the end is near.
The individuals show how they plan to survive and defend themselves and their loved ones when such a contingency happens. We see their vast stockpiles of food and other necessities and arms. Almost all the families in the series flaunt their gun collection and their efficiency in using them to defend themselves. And we're not even talking about air-guns here. We are talking about automatic and semi-automatic guns that most of us would normally see only in adrenalin-packed Hollywood movies.

Let's face it. America has a serious problem with guns, among other things.

We're not talking about dysfunctional and poverty-stricken families here. We are talking about a society that is sliding into a chasm of chaos.
Obama summed it up when he said he was 'heartbroken' and cried. His call for 'meaningful action' must jolt the collective consciences of Americans who think owning guns is their right. US presidents have always fought and lost the battle with powerful gun manufacturers. While election campaign speeches have always been peppered with promises to rein in the powerful lobbyists, none of the Presidents could do anything when they were in power.
Perhaps New York's mayor, Michael Bloomberg, sums it very well when he said "Calling for 'meaningful action' is not enough. We need immediate action".

All rhetoric apart, it is time that Americans demand their President restrict access to firearms or die with the knowledge that they are an accessory to murder.

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