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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Destined to die!

4000 million years ago, the most primitive form of life arrived on Earth.
15 million years ago, Hominidaes, the primitive Great Apes evolved.
and 200,000 years ago, the Humans evolved.

But we are possibly the only species that is perhaps the most cruel, despotic and self destructive.
We are the only species that refuses to share our planet with creatures that we depend on.

Dogs are supposed to be man's best friend, but would you choose to be a friend with a person who would shove and kick your children?
What would you do if you saw a man kick and use a barge pole to evict 12 puppies?

Well, hearing the loud cries of the pups, whose only sin was that they sought out the shelter at an apartment, I rushed to my balcony only to see a man, (possibly the caretaker of the apartment) use a long barge to extricate puppies, one after the after, from a shaded spot outside the building and throw them off the ledge 5 steps down.
Many of the pups landed on their heads and backs. Well, I'm no animal expert but landing 5 steps down on the head is not good. Not even for 2 week old puppies.
He proceeded to gather all the pups by shoving them and poking them with the barge pole. All this while the pups are crying so loud there were neighbors peeping out to see what the commotion was all about.
A tenant pauses to watch the eviction in progress and walks out side-stepping the helpless pups.
The man obviously not convinced by just leaving the pups outside the gate, now goes to pick each of the pups by its tail (Yes, you read it right), lifting it by its tail and throw it into the newly laid concrete stormwater drain. I guess out of sight does mean out of mind. The pups continued to cry until the mother (who was standing at a distance, fearing a similar fate) could frisk her pups to safety.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011


1 deform, pulverize, or force inwards by compressing forcefully, 
2 violently subdue (opposition or a rebellion), 
3 make (someone) feel overwhelmingly disappointed or embarrassed.
-Oxford Dictionary

A word that could mean 'infatuation' in teen lingo, crush until now was just another word that would make you reminisce about all the silly things you did growing up.
But that was until this news article appeared.

Graphic descriptions follow. Reader Discretion is advised.

Crush videos is not the kind of videos that you'd expect to be.
A term used for videos that are produced and circulated among a highly secretive network of individuals with a fetish for animal cruelty.
Videos which show scantily clad 12-year-old girls as they stomp on live animals, a rabbit as he or she is skinned alive, other rabbits as they scream while their ears are cut off and they are set on fire, a dog as he or she is burned with a clothes iron, and a monkey who was repeatedly hit in the eye with the sharp end of a stiletto heel. There is more, including puppies crushed until they vomited their own internal organs.
All the videos feature one to three girls performing the acts on the animals. (Read more here)

If you cringed while reading this, take heart that the long arm of the law has finally caught up with the inhumane.
While we can live with the fact and knowledge that humans will have fetishes, what astounds me how depraved we've got. 

What a way to earn a living?
While the perpetrators are on the lam, I also hope that we learn to have a more holistic approach towards creatures that share our planet.
Few months ago, I stumbled across another video, and this time a documentary that used footage from hidden cameras to reveal how we indirectly fuel the inhuman treatment of animals both for our hunger and pleasure.

Earthlings, is a no nonsense documentary that has spawned debate on how we must really be treating animals that seem to be destined to be trampled.
The documentary is an eye opener in many ways.
If there is one film that you must watch, this is it.

Watch the movie, spread the word. Even if you don't turn vegan or an animal lover.

Surely we've seen bullock carts, over loaded with sacks of concrete, iron railings and such. Surely those marks on the bulls are not tattoos. Surely you would've flinched when you see the man twisting the tail of the bull when he wants the animal to move.
Surely you've seen how young kids stone stray dogs. Surely you must have seen dogs limping.
Surely you'd have seen horses been mistreated.
Surely, you'd have wanted to do something to stop all this cruelty.

Contact your local PeTA chapter if you come across instances of cruelty against animals.
Just as swiftly as you would react if someone punished you at work, I beg you to raise your voice. 
The creatures that share our planet have just the same rights as you do. They deserve to live just as dignified a life as you do. 

Be humane. Be proactive. Speak out

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