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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

No green grass [320/365]

Many years ago, if you had a relative who worked in the Gulf, you'd be proud of the accomplishment. Then a few years later, if you had relatives in the UK, you'd know that they have achieved the pinnacle of good living.
And if your kids immigrated to the US, then you'd know that their lives are settled. India was never the place to live, work or play.

From the other side of the rose-tinted glasses, they would disown everything Indian. Accents are acquired, the sari and the churidars traded for business formals and mini-skirts, and your relatives in India become those village cousins that they knew once upon a time faster than you could say Namaste.

Parents and relatives would call their Westernized 'children' after 9pm IST to save on the long-distance phone charges but then came broadband internet and Skype.
After all, our western relatives - with two cars, two kids, two jobs, one dog, one house and seven credit cards - were living the dream.

We would never know that they are living hand to mouth, in mortgaged homes, driving in cars that were bought at a local used car dealer for discounted price, buying groceries using coupons, struggling to raise their children because daycare is too expensive and working in companies that will fire them without any notice. The grass is really not even a shade of green there.

Our disdain for our motherland is exceptional. Yet, the brain drain wont stop. Nor will the constant complaints about how India is 'so dirty, ugly, corrupt and yucky'.
So today, a piece of news struck me- A qualified Indian dentist who immigrated to Ireland after her marriage died due to complications from her miscarriage.
There are a few nuggets about this incident:

Savita was very well loved and respected in the community that she adopted.
She was denied an abortion since Ireland is a 'Catholic country' despite her repeated requests.
What good is a religion that professes to love life but ends up killing a person?
Why were the doctors reluctant to implement an earlier rule that mentioned they can surgically terminate a fetus if it was detrimental to either the child or the mother?

From a humanitarian perspective, this is an open and shut case. Save life.
Trouble has been brewing for the Catholics for a while now. Their utter disregard for life - in the form of pedophile priests and cover-ups and now abortion is a terrible irony and reminder of how the religion is indeed very archaic and needs urgent overhaul.
Savita's unfortunate and untimely death could have been the most high profile of such injustices but I am pretty sure this isn't an anomaly. For doctors to have refused abortion so strongly, it appears they have been doing this routinely.

If this were in India, I am quite sure a dozen hot-blooded fools would have smashed the jollies off the doctors responsible for this atrocity and then the case would drag on for a few years. Probably with an acquittal in the end. But in Ireland, after worldwide scorn and much unwanted attention, they are finally doing what they will need to do to ensure that this does not happen again in the future.

The doctors can thank their parents and the strange quirk of luck that they were not born in India and will live another day to refuse abortion, because Ireland is a Catholic country

Maybe Savita accomplished more than any one of us would ever have- Change the archaic laws of a mindless country.

RIP Savita.

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