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Thursday, November 01, 2012

Bloody British Coitus (BBC) [306/365]

BBC has been quintessentially British for close to a hundred years now. And like all things British, controversies have dogged them like a shadow with a bad attitude. Indeed!

Two words - Jimmy Savile.
Another two words- Sexual harassment

In a decade that has seen its fortunes go south, the last thing BBC would need is another lawsuit.
So while Jimmy is dead and long gone, I wonder how much this scandal would accomplish. Not much. Can they throw him in jail posthumously? Doubt that.

I wonder what took the authorities and the victims so long to come out into the open.
Why did they wait for a year until after he died to press charges? Talk about grasping the wind with your left fist.

I can definitely understand why BBC would have chosen to play down this scandal but for a news organization that prides itself on telling the truth, this coverup revealed how shallow the company really is.

So what does this investigation aim to achieve besides salacious details of his romps with underage girls?
Perhaps we could admit it that celebrities are ordinary people thrust into the spotlight and have all the frailties and temptations that normal people have.
We know of many young women who throw themselves at movie stars and any one worth a couple of reams. So what is wrong if some of them actually utilize the 'opportunity' and accept the 'invitation'.

Were the young girls who were being molested aware that Jimmy was screwing them up (literally and otherwise)? I think yes. Children have an instinct about themselves to know when adults do things that they are not supposed to do. They do revolt. The only difference is that their voices can be muffled.

Today, as I sit to write this post, I think of the many visuals of women drooling over men and allowing themselves to be taken on TV and I am convinced that we are raising a generation of girls who think it is right to be sexually used by men.

Saturday, April 09, 2011

I see her

A few days ago, while waiting at a traffic stop. Waiting in front of me, I noticed a couple of men in a van getting excited, and pull out a high resolution camcorder. (I could figure it was the kind of camcorders, professional camera men operate) They rolled down their windows just a wee bit, just enough to let their camcorders unobstructed view.
I was curious. As always.
I wanted to know why excited the men so much as to start recording. Looking in the general direction of where they were pointing the camera, I noticed a group of 12, maybe 15 women.
Tourists. Caucasians. Clothes barely covering their pale bodies.

These men were neither media nor recording with the full knowledge of the women. They were clearly breaking the law.
I had to intervene. I started my bike, squeezed through a tiny passage to stop in the line of sight, blocking the view of the camera. The guys in the van started yelling out to me, ordering me to move.
I wouldn't budge an inch, not until the lights turned green and then the women were gone.

What bothered me is not that we had tourists dressed in scantily clad clothes but that we still think we can violate privacy and freedom with impunity.
Voyeurism, reveals the dark crusted underbelly of humans. I've seen men in malls overlooking ledges and escalators recording PYTs in itsy bitsy attire on their camera phones.

All of which will be uploaded with scandalous titles like 'bangalore bitch reveals all' and such..
What surprises me is the gradual surge of such scandalous video since the past couple of years. What started as a trickle is a veritable flood now.

Kalyug, the Hindi movie struck a chord in so many people. As victims, perpetrators or silent spectators, we are all guilty of feeding this monster.
Demand after all fuels supply.

Our closeted minds need a rude awakening. Do we need to wait for another scandalous MMS video to be leaked from one of our schools/colleges/universities?
From kindergarden jokes and Little Johnny jibes, we grow into amateur film makers who upload videos of their girlfriends and significant others giving them a BJ.
I just wish all the men who did this would eventually get a taste of their own medicine.
Or would they try to peddle their own mothers, sisters and wives?

I've owned a camera phone back in the days when it was a novelty (the Philips phone that had a detachable camera) and through the years have owned several phones that had cameras. But I've never had the temptation of recording another girl.

Maybe, I am too old fashioned for reality tv, but the insatiable fetish to observe other women is a little perverse.
Perhaps we need a society where women are not closet topics/objects of desire but treated with the maturity it deserves. We better start now lest we be known as a civilization that ate its own tail.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

It's not Plagiarism, its just 'Collective Research' !!

People who work with me and those who I communicate with frequently have lauded the way I write.

For a person who is aiming to be a bonafide writer worth his salt, I believe I have a long way to go. This belief keeps me grounded and very receptive to my critics.

Ofcourse, I have not always been as prolific or fluent as I am.
I have at one point of time, struggled with grammer. I would have been an Architect or a Scientist (following in the shoe prints of my Dad).

But for my 10th grade English Faculty, I would have languished in a lab.
I remember after a particularly tough session on 'Conjunctions', as I was hurrying towards the Physics laboratory, I bumped into the chubby frame of my English lecturer. 
Been a sufficiently chubby and suitably minute person that I was, I lost balance and bounced off the wall. 
As kids of my age, you can bully yourself through the term if you score well in your term papers.My average grades qualified me to growl at her.

Interestingly, I remember she apologised. I grinned at myself. I can get used to this, you see.
Our school tried hard to inculcate the reading habit into their wards; with moderate success.
Later that day, we had the same lecturer 'mind' us while the nerds among us buried ourselves into TinTin and Hardy Boys. I was engrossed in doing nothing. Libraries are for losers. Now I don't remember her name, but I remember what she told me at that moment. She walked over, and told me how gifted I am (Gee, I know that. Tell me something new) but knowledge should never have a saturation point. 

I don't know whether I really started reading then, but 18 years after that comment. I still recall that statement every time I hit a Writers Block.

I gravitated towards English and literature and found how much more amazing and fulfilling English is than any amount of dissection or chemical formulae.

'English is such a language which is so easy to speak incorrectly, but difficult to speak correctly'

I have been a poet, essayist and an editor since then. I have had spectacular faux paus and breath taking leaps.

If you are still wondering how the title applies. Yes, it does. 
Sometime ago, as we all do tend to forget lessons learnt. I became complacent and arrogant with my writing. 
Allow me to recollect one of my spectacular faux paus..

I happened to chance upon an advt in an extremely popular technology magazine calling for Content Writers. Needless to say, I applied. They required me to write a 1000 word article on a cell phone. Don't Copy Paste. Piece of cake, I thought.

Ofcourse, I had the article ready. Emailed it. Already confident that I would be selected, I counted my chickens before they hatched. In this case, even before the hen was born.

One week later, I get a mail from the Chief Content Editor.
A very scathing remark that read: 
'We thought when we said no copy/paste, that implied no cheating. Your article is a blatant attempt at plagiarism.'
They also sent me a copy of all the websites and the searches that I could have run to get the article. I was embarrassed beyond belief. More than that, I realised that I'd let myself down.

I have come a long way since then. Have worked for several Content Writers churning out 
articles that were uniquely researched and exquisitely written.

Yes, I do understand that this is no one's utopia, but atleast wake up and smell the BT Brinjals and the Sex Scandals, people.

Why do we forget the lessons of our past.
Why do we get so complacent?

We take pride in mediocrity. The result? We end up making a fool of ourselves in front of the world.
We take pride if we are able to cheat the system. We jump the traffic lights if we don't see a traffic cop standing round the corner. 
We cannot bear to wait for the lights to turn green, but we don't mind waiting for Sachin to hit that six or to wait in that line to catch that blockbuster.
We cannot tolerate to be treated with any less respect but dont mind making our servants - our bonded warehouse property.

We cannot tolerate Pakistan feeding terrorists, but don't mind 'poly-ticks-ians' sucking the sap out of our country.
We cannot stick to our Gandhian principals of living, because we need to give that 'bribe' to get that 'favor' done
We cannot tolerate going to war with the Pakis and the Chinese but don't mind the Shiv Senas (and like scum) dividing and ruling us.
We cannot bear to see Kashmir being invaded by the Pakis, but don't mind the Russians molesting our children in Goa.

"It's not Plagiarism, its just 'Collective Research' "
Thank you for visiting. Please come again

We are like this only.

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