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Saturday, October 09, 2010


While stuck in traffic (not out of the ordinary), I was waiting beside a sedan. A man and his son. The father could have not been older than 30 and his son, 5 or 6. The kind of age when kids have usually learned how to use the F word and other wonderful words with a flourish. 
As if on cue, the father started cussing and swearing at the hapless traffic lights.
With a look of absolute disgust, the son was trying to look disinterested. But alas, his father had already taken his son's literary virginity.

Humans are perhaps the only creature that uses its talents and capabilities to deliberately harm, hurt and malign others of its own species.
It is said that charity begins at home. But I believe good behavior, love and virtue begins at home too.

I remember the first time I heard the F word was in 10th grade. We used to be so petrified to use it !
We had a 'Use a foul word, Wash your mouth with soap' policy at School.
And the first time I used it, felt so sick that I was blue in the face.  

However over years, having been among children what I notice is how children as young as 3 and 4 years old are not only using the word, but embellishing it with the right gestures.

Growing up, I've watched very little television and I remember watching cable when I was 17 and out of school.
Thank God for that.

However, Media and the Family now babysit and nurture our kids. 
We are slowly bringing up a generation of gutter mouths.
Growing pains, some may say. But I say this is mutation.

'There is no point shielding them from the realities of life..' Some parents might say.

But are we really doing a good job of parenting?

When we cuss and swear in front of (our) kids, we think we are being cool and matured while still being indignant. Boy, can we be more wrong?!
Children are like a sponge. Mopping up behavior, traits, habits and culture and the learning starts right from the womb, some experts say.

But with all the gutter talk going around, I wonder how any of our children will be able to speak a decent sentence without a single word of obscenity.

Out of the very mouth that sings praises for our God, comes the most wicked and foul word. Culturely, sexually molesting a child is portrayed as illegal, immoral and taboo. What about adults who gutter mouth in front of (their) children? Their impressionable minds are forever molested and raped by language that, until a few decades ago was unacceptable.

Indians like to pooh paah all this to Western influence on our society. Movies and television cement that belief in us. I have seen many reality shows that beep every 4th word in a sentence. Indian shows too!!
But having being abroad half my life, I can boldly say that ordinary Americans and other denizens of the West do not talk that way in real life.

So when are we going to clean our mouths with Soap?

Elementary, my dear Watson!

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